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   Chapter 10 No.10

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5334

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

She was getting out of Atro City, she'd decided, and regardless of any martial law or curfew, she was going to do it, and she was going to do it now!

* * *

The old hydrogen motor turned over, and reluctantly fired. Prodding the accelerator caused it to give a satisfying, smooth rumble under the short hood bulging forward of the front windshields. The roar of the old-school hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine reverberated inside the workshop. Gary pointed his Remote at the roll-up door in front of the Ambusulance, grinning at Mei beside him, as the door began to slowly roll open. Light from the workshop leaked outside, lighting a shallow concrete ramp that led upwards to the parking lot behind the hospital, and freedom! That is, on the other side of the fascist patrols driving through the streets of the city, enforcing the curfew. Timing was going to be everything.

"Now!" Said Mei, who had her eyes fixed on her device. Gary eased the throttle open, and the Ambusulance started moving smoothly forward and up the ramp!

* * *

Across town, two shadowy figures silently darted across a side-street, avoiding patches of light cast by street lights as they ran in the direction of Atro City Space Port. Both were dressed in dark clothing and carried knapsacks on their backs that bobbed slightly as they ran.

The big floodlight towers that lit the huge tarmac inside the space port every night – and most of the immediate surrounding area outside it like daylight, were dark for the first time in living memory. The fascists had taken control of the space port and com

nce and use the cutters in his pocket to snip through them. The guards patrolling the perimeter might not notice one person on their own in the dark, but two? He didn't want to get her – or both of them killed! Things heading the way they were – and with Dory being transgender – they were in enough trouble just being on Deanna as it was. It was worth the risk!

* * *

The passengers in the rear compartment of the Ambusulance kept silent as the old vehicle slowly wound its way through the network of darkened side-streets that ran through the inner city like capillaries. It was late, it had been a very long disturbing day, and some of them were trying to get a little sleep if they could.

Gary Beck spent a considerable amount of time gritting his teeth at the wheel – he wasn't used to driving in the dark without headlights! It took a great deal of skill – and nerve – and a night-vision windshield! Couldn't very well do it without one of those! Scrooby had described "Nox" Axelrod as 'Deanna's greatest innovator, and he was beginning to see why!

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