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   Chapter 8 No.8

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"Okay, okay!" Carver acquiesced. "I give up! What do you want me to do now?"

"Nothing you didn't already want to do, dear boy!" McMillen smiled, raising his glass at him. "It's just nice to know people can be trusted, that's all!"

Carver slumped. McMillen raised his glass again, pointing at the table with his index finger. Taking the hint, Carver picked it up again, and without pause, took a gulp.

"That's the stuff!" The Professor encouraged, putting his feet up on the table, crossed. "Now my boy, tell me everything you know about real vampires!"

* * *

By the time the party of rescued colonial government employees emerged through another portal into the basement of Atro City General Hospital, it was already late evening. Gary Beck was the last to emerge from the portal. The part of the basement they had entered into was dark, deserted, and hardly used, except for storing redundant equipment.

Governor Landry's occasional grouching and griping was abrasive – but not as bad as Mayor McCracken's constant bellyaching and doom and gloom! If 'the Mac' (as he was called in San Fedora) wasn't whining about his feet hurting, or complaining his back, or cursing the dark of the tunnel, or whining about how fucked they all were now – or swatting anyone who accidentally shone a flashlight in his eyes, then it was something else!

It had been a long nine kilometer hike for McCracken through the dark of the dry subterranean river channel – and for them as well! There were a few moments along the way that Gary had wished he could've just left 'the Mac' behind, perhaps inside a closed por

almost friends.

"Look." He said more calmly. "You want to help, to do something, make it right – I get that! I feel the same way! And you will – you'll get your chance! But right now, we have to keep moving!"

"Okay." She nodded. "Okay. So we're in the hospital basement – where to next?"

Gary took the rear. Mei led the group this time through the dark basement, winding through the maze of stacked crates, shelves of dusty clutter, piles of old, worn gurneys and assorted clutter, towards a set of old, battered double swing doors. They were closed – chained and locked from the other side. Mei paused at the door, and took out a device just like the one Gary used to make the portal, pointed it at the crack between the doors, and pressed something.

Amazing device! Mei thought, as the chain links over the crack dissolved and turned to dust! All she'd done was to focus the time-field on those specific links, and project their state in a million years' time onto their present forms – and poof! No wonder Gary seemed so enamored of the device – and the TSA!

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