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   Chapter 7 No.7

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5635

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After the shock of being discovered, Danielle had been dragged quickly to the front by hard, rough, cold hands, and was quickly deposited inside the barbed wire pen for 'undesirables'. The reality of her situation suddenly set in. Despair filled her. She was surrounded by emotional people – angry and afraid. Some had just been searched and robbed by the guards. Some were nursing injuries. Some wept. None made eye contact with her.

* * *

From a high orbit, Deanna looked as serene and peaceful as always. Yet, today something was subtly different about it. From orbit, an observer might see the lights of cities and towns on the night side with the naked eye, but obviously, they wouldn't easily see the people on the ground, or their faces, or what was happening down there.

From orbit, Deanna looked exactly the same as always. It wasn't. Not anymore.

The gray and black hull of a small warship glistened in the light of the nearest star Ramalama, as it circled the newly troubled little world and moved in a little closer. There were three such ships now in orbit around the planet. The people who bankrolled the fascist takeover of the Terran colony hadn't pulled any punches! Each one was highly automated, so that it needed no more than fifty crew to operate. These fascist eyes in the sky belonged to the Deanna Republican Army. They carried modern sensor equipment and weapons secretly siphoned away from the very same shipyards that constructed ships for the Imperial Space Fleet! Designed by some of the brightest young minds ever to leave the Space Fleet Academy before reaching graduation, they were extremely versatile craft, immensely powerful for their size –

filter them into a coherent data stream! My favorite part was when you turned around in the front seat of the car and blasted that little blue-blooded worm right in the chops – gun blazing! Your face was so clear it was like – like, looking at you right now!"

"My face?" Carver repeated, not sure where all this praise and hero-worship was headed, but he was sure he didn't like it. "You could see my face?"

"Absolutely! We saved the whole thing for posterity – in surround sound and HD!" McMillen nodded buoyantly, taking another sip of wine, seemingly without noticing Carver's new pallor. "Day One of the New Order on Deanna! Our glorious revolution – a bold, fresh start!"

Inwardly, Carver groaned. The implications of that fact – and of this whole conversation, were pretty dire! His face being visible in a video record in which he assassinated a member of the Terran imperial family was a risk too big to contemplate! It meant leverage – between him, and a very likely death sentence should that video ever fall into the right hands! The wine in his glass almost spilled as he put it down hard on the table.

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