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   Chapter 6 No.6

High Steaks By Christina Engela Characters: 5094

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Krant scowled. The corporal in question had just reported to him that, after a thorough search of the building – lasting two hours, not one single person had been found inside!

How could that be? The building had been surrounded by D.R.A. troops on all sides, and no-one had been seen leaving! Further, the corporal had reported that all the outside doors in the building were found to be still locked from the inside!

Despite all these glaring, obvious facts, and despite having a second search of the building conducted – this time to include all closets, cupboards, nooks and crannies, the kitchen, the basement, and the attic – they had still come up empty-handed!

"Do you mean to tell me…" Krant growled at his subordinate, his beady eyes boring into him, "That I have to tell the General that the Governor, the Mayor of Atro City, the Mayor of San Fedora, and the Sheriff of Atro City's police – have all escaped?"

"Sar'major!" The stone-faced and decidedly pale corporal responded, visibly trembling. He was, of course, completely unaware of the real reason why Krant had taken the news so hard. Krant had played those cards close to his chest – Landry. Landry was the main reason Krant had got into this business at all!

Luciferus Krant was born on another Terran colony called Hesperus 32 years ago – the poor bastard child of a young unwed mother with little schooling, and little other means to support herself other than on her back with her legs spread. Men who had means and power were what kept her

ish. In the end, it wasn't some tell-tale sign of lingering masculinity that gave her away – it was pure coincidence: someone in the crowd who had known her family, and recognized her, pointed her out in order to gain their own freedom!

By the end, those caught inside the cordon got caught up in the panic as well. Some people, frustrated and angry and tired from being stuck there most of the day, began searching for those among them who appeared to be the 'undesirables' the soldiers were looking for – and forcibly handed them over! People like her, the transgender, were also high on the fascist's list. First they came for the aliens. They were easy to spot after all, so they were the first to go. Then they came for the gays, and they too were dragged away by gangs of people wanting to win their immediate release from the torture of waiting hours more to be filtered out at the gate. A Sikh and a Rabbi were dragged past her so roughly, she heard the sound of their flesh scraping against the cobbles!

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