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   Chapter 2 No.2

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"Well, what?" Peg asked in turn.

"What's the first thing?" He asked. What was the old man smoking?

Just then, the building's chief of security returned, entering the room through the door into the lobby, accompanied by two of his colleagues, also dressed in the beige and brown uniforms of state building security. He went right up to Peg, giving the Governor a nod, sending a drop of sweat falling from the tip of his chin. His face was wet and shiny with perspiration. Clearly he was not handling this very well.

"The doors are locked, Sheriff!" He said in a nearly trembling voice. "All entrances to the building secure!"

"Thank you." Peg said, placing a hand firmly on one of his shoulders. "What's your name?"

"Phil." He said. "Phil Roberts. Er – they have the place surrounded. We saw 'em movin' out back through the windows! Just…thought I'd mention that."

"Sterling job, Phil." She said reassuringly. "Just stay calm and we'll all get through this, okay?"

Phil nodded weakly, closing his eyes for a moment. Clearly Phil was in this job for the perks and benefits, and not an adrenalin-junkie.

"Is there anyone else in the building, Phil?"

"No ma'am."


"Yuh." He nodded. "Everyone that wasn't involved in the welcoming went outside to watch the show. The reception lady, my security detail, and everyone in here – that's all of us that's left inside!"

She did a quick head count. That made fifteen people, excluding Peg. From the look of things, only about five of them had weapons – and that meant handguns, no rifles, not even an assault blaster between them!

"What do we do now?"

"We work this out, Phil!" Peg said, as leader-like, confidently and inspirationally as she could muster under the circumstances. "We work this out!"

"Okay." Phil said, before breathing deeply in and out.

"Now." Peg said, looking Phil in the eye, looking hopeful, "Is there any other way out of here except through those doors?"

Just then, a loud thump came from the direction of the front door on the far side of the lobby, amplified by the echo.

"Better hurry, Phil!" She breathed. "We don't have much time!"

Peg had barely uttered her warning when suddenly, a weird sound like a cross between a guitar twang and Mozart being played backwards at high speed, came from the situation room doorway and the lobby. Already tense, Peg automatically drew her sidearm and turned to face the potential threat – which turned out to be an attractive male figure wearing dark slacks and a blue long sleeve tee. She did a double-take. The cowboy hat was conspicuously absent.

"Who the hell's that?

" Governor Landry demanded. "Where'd he come from?"

"Why, that's Beck!" Said Phil in amazement. "Beck the Badfeller! An' without his hat!"

It was Gary Beck, aka Beck the Badfeller – who was without argument, the greatest bounty hunter on Deanna of all time – but why he had just appeared out of thin air, looking puzzled and holding a half-empty mug of coffee, very few people would be able to say. Gary Beck wasn't too sure about that either.

"Gary!" She said, giving a relieved sigh before lowering her weapon. "Where'd you come from? When did you get back? Weren't you on Mars?" She said in quick order. Then, after the reality of things set in, and a funny look had finished crossing her face, she asked "And – how the heck did you get in here?"

"Oh, hi Peg!" Gary Beck said, smiling innocently. Suffice to say, despite having just been at the Time Saving Agency with Cindy-Mei, where they were entertained by Johnathan Scrooby for what seemed like several days, Gary was well aware that they had just landed on Deanna about an hour before they actually left Mars!

Gary hated time travel – that is, he hated the complicated quantum physics in everything that explained it – especially when it gave him a headache! Just the thought that right now, at that very moment, another Gary Beck and a different Cindy-Mei Winter from the one standing across the room from him – were sitting in Mei's apartment in Mars City, sipping coffee, oblivious to current events back home on Deanna – and chatting to their friend Johnathan Scrooby – was a four-alarm migraine in the making! That said, Johnathan Scrooby – their friendly agent at Time Saving Agency, had brought them up to speed on current events, and they were here to do some old fashioned arse kicking!

"Yes, Mars! Just now, actually! Long story! Tell you later!" He said, evading all of Peg's questions at once. Trying to explain a second-hand version of Johnathan Scrooby's ten minute lecture using candles as props probably wasn't a good idea. Besides, he didn't see any lying around.

"Sure, sure." She nodded, then after a pause she asked. "Gary?"


"Why do you have a half-empty mug of coffee in your hand?"

Gary raised the half-empty mug of coffee and stared at it like he'd never seen it before. It was still warm! Then it hit him –

"Scrooby!" He breathed, and shook his head, appreciating the joke. It was the same mug he was holding when Scrooby time-shifted them out of Mei's apartment earlier. No, later! Damn – he was never going to get the hang of this! He knew Scrooby had a warped sense of humor, but this was a bit silly, even for him!

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