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   Chapter 45 No.45

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The cab rolled off silently and suddenly the Celeste felt like his old school, years ago, on the last day of term. Like a family breaking up around him with far too many tearful goodbyes. He picked up his kitbag again and started walking down the ramp, in pursuit of dreams of his own.

"See you around, gents." He said in parting. "It's been a slice."

* * *

Dorian Wintermuller was something of an enigma. At 27 years, she was still not really what you might call gainfully employed. She was a qualified interior decorator and did the odd private contract now and again, but being a kind of new-age house-wife was less stressful. No, gainfully un-employed suited her better for now. It saved years on her life not having to fuss and fiddle – to say nothing of the stress involved in getting a client to understand the subtle differences between cerise and lilac. Besides, she owned the apartment and aside from that, she was pretty much financially independent. And that in a nut-shell more-or-less describes Dory. A girl with far too much good taste and style and sensitivity to be content with mere blue jeans, a plain top and blasé Nuevo French Perfume. She had on a black dress, and a pair of stiletto sandals in the latest style. A thin gold chain encircled her neck and she wore a dainty gold chain and an ornamental watch on her wrists, highlighting her long brown hair which was straight and cut in an elegant new style. There were a few rings too. And her nails were long and painted. Very elegan

ittle sounds, like the perfect moment sliding into place. That tiny little sound of a fragile, almost ethereal fragment of glass shattering. Like the sound a heart makes when it breaks open from containing almost too much joy. It was the sound of all their dreams coming true.

"Yes." She cried, smiling through the tears. "Oh, yes!"

Sometimes there can be a happy ending where a father can accept his child for who she is, and have a second chance at making things right before they go too far wrong in the first place. A happy ending where some crotchety old space jockeys get their ship back and a nice slice of the pie too. Maybe even just the sort of ending where the leading man gets his girl, even if it turns out the girl is still technically a guy, and it doesn't matter. From this point on, they start bright new futures together – futures filled with love, joy and happiness and all the other fluffy synonyms for those things – an ending where, just for once, everybody is happy.


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