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   Chapter 44 No.44

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He stopped to say goodbye to Jaymie, who was not holding together very well. Her collection of clothes still seemed to be growing mysteriously. Every time he saw her she was wearing something he hadn't seen her in before. Today it was jeans and a floral blouse and a sparkly pink Alice band. She was just standing there, beside Vic, looking down at his feet.

"We'll take good care of her, Boss." Vic said, noting his concern. He didn't doubt she would. Not for one second. But nevertheless…

"You can stay here if you want." Tim said to her gently. "They'll take care of you. Or you can come live with Dory and me till you decide what it is you want to do."

It was a genuine offer. She could learn a lot from Dory or even Cindy-Mei and anyway, space isn't the best place for a young lady to learn things. Especially not a young lady as young as Jaymie. And –


The deep paternal voice came from the bottom of the ramp. A man with dark wavy hair and chiseled features was striding up the ramp, leaving an impressive looking bodyguard standing beside a space port cab at the bottom. He was an imposing figure, broad shouldered and dressed in a smart pinstripe suit. It was Frederyck Vallantdorf, and he was making directly for Jaymie.

"Daddy?" Jaymie asked, surprised and still all choked up. It was a bit much to handle all at once. He stopped in front of her, looking her up and down, his eager expression giving way to concern. She was actually quite pretty today. Like every day so far since Mars, he decided. The Mayor handled the change pr

, smiled, and said "Let's go out for a soda and catch up! We can come back for your things later?"

She hesitated. It was like she was thinking about whether going home was what she really wanted. But it was. It really was.

"Okay." She nodded and the two of them started off down the ramp together, hand in hand. Then she remembered something, stopped, then turned and ran back to Tim and threw her arms around him. He dropped the kitbag and hugged her back. There was no pretense from either side. There was genuine warmth, and it was the warmth and deeper understanding of friendship.

"You were right!" She beamed at him. "Thanks for everything, Tim!"

"I told you!" He grinned. "Come for a visit if you're in the area? Dory would like to meet you. I'm sure she could show you a few things?"

"I will!"

She waved a smile to Vic, saying "see you later." Vic gave her a double thumbs-up. Then she was off down the ramp again, following her dreams. At least they were real, now. And she was happy at last. Which reminded him…

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