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   Chapter 42 No.42

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Jealousy rears its ugly head, Tim thought. Jealousy and greed. Time to step in.

"Excuse me." He said. The bickering stopped as their eyes turned to him. "I'm still the boss round here… And that means I decide the percentages… And I say don't be greedy. Seven ways is still enough to keep your grandchildren out of work!"

"Seven way split!" Said Vic. "Cool!"

"Okay, speaking of splitting, let's get to Tarsus and cash this lot in!"

"Now yer talkin'! Garn!"

* * *

The spaceport terminal buildings on Tarsus were pretty nice. As a rule, spaceports pretty much followed a standard layout and design, but this one was a bit different. The bar was rather nice too. For one thing, he could get any kind of drink he wanted. And right now that was anything except Strawberry Vile. Nurse and his Vile concoction! He chuckled. If Nurse were to set up a company to sell his brand there could be interesting results. He imagined the label on a bottle of the stuff. 'Doctor Nurse's Strawberry Vile – Fortification For Those Special Occasions.' Yeah, while performing autopsies or hiding bodies.

He was just relaxing a bit, wearing some fresh clothes he bought from one of the shops in the mall. A nice fresh pair of neat pants and a comfortable turtleneck sweater. It made a difference to how he felt. Not that he felt bad before, but now he just felt better. A couple of shooters at the bar, and he improved on that too. Then, feeling well pleased with himself, he made his way over to the internet café. He found an email from Gary saying:

'The Olduvai Trust's been busted. Wide open, as the old books used to go. Al

ife. She could stay here, on Celeste, with the crew. He knew Vic would take care of her. But for how long? She had an equal share in the money, enough of her own to take care of herself. But where would she go if not home?

Jaymie wrote her father an email, which he sent from his terminal in his cabin this time. The danger being over, there was no need to fly underneath the radar anymore. That was also true about many other things. She said it was okay if he read it, so he did.

'Dear Daddy, I'm glad you are well and the Olduvai Trust is no longer a danger. Perhaps now you and Mother will be free to live normal lives.

I am well, Tim and the crew of this ship have been very nice to me, in fact they were the first people who have cared since I left home over a year ago. It feels so long ago, doesn't it? We just had another fight – about me, remember? That's why you hired Mr. Jones. To make me into something I'm not. Well, he failed. And you failed too. I will never be a man. Not even the most expensive doctors or clinics – or even the worst torture can do that.

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