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   Chapter 41 No.41

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"Let's get back to Celeste!" He breathed.

They got back to the airlock very quickly. Running with magnetic boots in zero gravity is something of a fine art, but they pretty much had it down by the time they arrived, panting. Tim and Deire had their pistols out, more for morale than anything else. And Vic had her laser cutter out too, probably for the same reason. Gods only knew what good they would be against Frosty. Once inside, Tim was glad to see the outer door till open, and forced the inner door closed and nodded at her. Looking back, he was quite glad he was polite to Frosty, and hoped it would work in their favor should they cross paths again. He shivered at the grisly thoughts he was thinking.

"Weld it shut!" He ordered. "C'mon – seal it!"

She didn't waste time arguing. Deire neither – he joined them and leaned against the door with Tim. Whatever had happened to Frosty, they didn't want him wandering too far – like out the airlock for instance. And over to Celeste. Stop it, he chided himself. This is all just bullshit. Deire and Vic just played a joke on him and he was going to be their laughing stock for weeks to come. And he was going to kick their asses for it later. But he saw the looks on their faces, and they weren't laughing.

The little trip across the void on the sled back to Celeste was a combination of relief and worry. At least they were out of that place. But a few furtive glances back to the wre

st of the crew standing there, staring at the mountain of gold bars like they had just stumbled across the pot at the end of the rainbow. Deire was crying, an arm slung over Bubba's shoulders, the other over Triple-J's. He was actually crying. They were tears of joy though, and Vic was standing beside Barry Nurse, who reached out a tentative arm towards her shoulders, only to have her slap his hand away with a resounding 'smack'.

"Don't try your luck." She mocked. "I don't come cheap!"

"How much does that cost?" He grinned, rubbing his stinging hand as she only rolled her eyes.

"How much d'yer think that's all worth?" Deire asked Tim.

"Well…" He reasoned. "I don't know. But a lot, split six ways is still a lot. So I guess, gee – a lot?"

"He's right." Said Vic. "Whatever it is, we're rich. All of us." She looked around. "That reminds me – what about Jaymie?"

"She's not crew!" Said Deire. "Nah-uh! Six ways, the Boss said, not seven!"

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