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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Suddenly he realized his mouth was open and he was hyperventilating. The amount of wealth here was staggering. If this was a Corsair ship, then this must have been pirate hoard! Every pirate has a hoard; he remembered the old stories said. For a moment, he wondered which pirate this had belonged to. Blachart? Strings Levine? Perhaps Kilroy 'The Hammer'? This was just incredible! Stupendous! Unbelievable!

Wait-a-minute! What's the catch? This was just too damned good to be true. In Tim's experience – if it seemed too good to be true, it usually was. He checked. Nope, still no sign of any strange and frightening alien.

"Quite something, eh Boss!" Said Vic's voice suddenly at his ear.

He screamed. She screamed. Deire screamed too, but wasn't quite sure why.

"Fucking Aunt Mary's Yellow Polka-dot Panties!" Tim recounted slowly, after recovering his wits and forcibly dragging them back inside himself. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"Sorry, Boss." She explained meekly. "Thought you saw us."

"Garn!" Said Deire angrily, "What y'all hollerin' fer? Ain't there enough dead folk on this ship already?"

"You find some too?" Tim asked, putting his pistol back in its holster, thankful he didn't accidentally use it in fright.

"Nope. Just the same one you did. Up in the passage. It looked cool!"

"We gonna hook up a tow cable, Boss?" Deire asked. "Get this hunk o' junk to Tarsus?"

That made him think a minute.

"Hear me out a sec." He said. "The ship is worth maybe thirty big ones as scrap metal, the engines maybe twenty each. That's around eighty thousan

arrived at the spot he had last seen the corpse-icle. He couldn't see it. It wasn't over where he'd put it, anyway.

"Hey you guys, " He asked by way of a joke. "Who moved Frosty?" Quite literally, silence fell. Or without gravity, just hung in the air and formed an unasked question.

"Wasn't us, Boss." Vic said in a subdued voice.

The body was really nowhere to be seen. The clutter that had been there was still floating around, dust and bits of plastic and so on. But no Frosty.

"Okay, no kidding now." Said Tim seriously, shining his spots at the ceiling. Still no trace of Frosty.

"No, no kidding, Boss." Vic insisted. "We left him right there!"

They stared at each other's faces from the confines of the sealed pressure suits, across the void through their helmet visors. He lost all doubts that they were joking. He didn't believe in ghost stories, but this was just too freaky under the circumstances. And he really didn't care to hang around to hear any explanations. Seeing Vic scared, and Deire, was more than enough to convince him.

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