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   Chapter 39 No.39

Loderunner By Christina Engela Characters: 4586

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Timaset Skooch persevered and went the rest of the way down the corridor, gave the elevator a skip for obvious reasons, and took the stairwell instead. It almost made the derelict seem kind of homely. Just like Celeste, just during a power failure or something. He contacted Deire.

"Hey, you guys see anything interesting?" He asked. When he heard Deire's voice it felt almost like a life-line, a ray of light in the darkness.

"Uh… Define interestin'?"

"Oh, I dunno – dead bodies? Maybe money?"

"Nope. Jus' old junk an' dust bunnies. You?"

"Nothing yet." He said, "Just dust and crap and – oh yeah, a dead guy."

"Really?" Came Vics' awe inspired voice. "That's awesome, Boss!"

"Not really. I'm heading down to the cargo deck. Meet me there."


He remembered a board game he used to play as a kid. It was called, ironically, 'Loderunner'. It had a big flat board with holographic images of planets and systems on it, with little placeholders for your loderunner as you made your way across the board, wheeling and dealing. Sometimes your ship ended up in a gravity well or flying into an astorfield at warp four. Sometimes you strayed into a restricted area and your ship got confiscated and you took a space-bus straight home, do not collect 5000 credits and no get out of debt free card.

You would pick a card off a stack and basically, it

It was full. He was right by the huge doors, with his back to them, facing the huge mass of cargo so close to him he had only to reach out to touch it. And he did.

It was a mountain. A huge rectangular mountain, consisting of thousands of bricks, but a mountain nonetheless. A mountain of gold bricks. Glittering, shiny yellow gold bricks. They were stacked across each other, this way and that, to look like a huge wall, a monument to the mysteriously absent crew. His heartbeat racing, Tim looked down the length of the mountain of wealth. It went all the way down to the rear of the cargo bay. He looked up it, to where he could just see where it stopped short of the top roof girders. That was – let's see now, a lot x a lot more, x by a lot high… Hmm that came to, let's see… Well it was a hell of a lot more than he could count up to! He attempted to pinch himself but the thick pressure suit foiled him.

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