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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Tim swallowed the lump in his throat. He thought of Dory, a million miles back home. What she had been through – and was still going through, just to be a whole person. Just to be what other 'normal' people took for granted. She had said to him once, 'If I had been born female I probably wouldn't have appreciated it quite so much.' For one brief instant, what she told him made perfect sense. And he understood.

"It'll be okay, Jaymie." He said hoarsely. "One day they will. You'll see."

"Thanks, Tim." She said, taking his hand in hers and squeezing it tight. "For everything."

He punched the control that closed the ramp as they walked past. They went back inside, his arm around her slim shoulders.

* * *

Tim had found a cargo on Pluto Colony, something taking them out of the Sol system at last. It was a cargo of video disks, packed in a large crate destined for Tarsus, which was sort of on the way back to Deanna. It belonged to a collector who wanted them so badly he paid five thousand credits via a shipping agent just to get the stuff shipped. It was a bargain price, Tim knew. Even the cheaper formal freight lines would've charged more for a cargo of that size and weight. Bonus. It wasn't exactly as thrilling as the cargo of Morosian Lemurs he turned down (on account of the ESP threat they posed to the crew) or the load of Florpavian Flame Birds bound for a research center on Andronicus. The latter carried a fee of twenty five thousand, but he di

, I had to use some of Triple-J's degreasing agent as an alcohol base. Oh – and the strawberries are just for flavor."

"Sounds yummy." Tim commented. "Especially the degreasing agent. This an old family recipe?"

"Something like that. You get this right and it'll blow you right out of your brackets." Nurse chuckled, concentrating on the readings the medi-scanner was giving him. "Get it wrong and it'll blow the top of your head off and kill you."

"You know that was meant to save lives, not to help kill brain cells." Tim said, indicating the device he was holding and chuckled. "You learn this in Lulu? Advanced home chemistry for cons 101?"

"No." Nurse countered. "No, in Lulu I learned about the pros and cons of using liquid soap in the shower."

"Actually, I was wondering if you were going to blow up the sickbay, you know, lose your eyebrows or something."

Nurse chuckled again. He siphoned some of the pinkish stuff into a small beaker and passed it to him.

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