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   Chapter 34 No.34

Loderunner By Christina Engela Characters: 4794

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"Now, " Said Tim patiently, "Would you two gents like to explain why you tried to steal my ship?"

It was almost like the Hallelujah Chorus, it was so musical. Just that it was off-key and they couldn't hear a word or even make out a sentence. They just poured out a mad babble like an insane out-of-tune choir that was unsettling the cargo. It seemed Tim had to just wave the 10 mil in his left hand at them and he could direct the noise to create a masterful opera. He held out a finger again, and smiled – just faintly so, as silence fell again.

"Hush." He said. "You're going to upset the cattle. Do you know what happens when cattle get upset?"

"Their milk goes sour?" Triple-J suggested from the peanut gallery. Bubba saw the look he gave the offender and promptly delivered a noisy smack behind the head with the flat side of the large cleaver he was holding. This almost broke the mood, which irked Tim a little.

"No." Said Tim, recovering. "They stampede. You don't want that, do you?"

They shook their heads enthusiastically.

"Let's try this again. Why did you try to steal my ship?"

"The boy." The first one stammered. "We came to get the boy! Please don't kill us, mister Skooch – I got a wife an' four kids! An' Oyday got a whole lot o' dames dependin' on him!"

The other man, presumably Oyday, smiled at him and nodded enthusiastically – nay, frantically. Tim imagined a cartoon skit where the two wou

cking beacon chose that moment to malfunction. Tsk, tsk. First the microwave and now this. The state of the ship was starting to worry Tim. At least this would give them some time to get away. Without some mole at the space port in the employ of the Olduvai Trust spotting their departure and tracking their course. Considering that they were glad to just get away with their lives, the pair didn't complain much. One, Tim thought it was the first one, not Oyday – actually waved as they soared away into the pale blue sky. They never saw the brawl that followed.

Mars orbit came and went awfully fast. They weren't playing around – the sooner they got away from Mars the better. And the further, the better. The cargo of cattle was destined for Miranda, which was virtually on the opposite end of the solar system – which was probably a good thing. It also explained why the fee was only two grand – it was all just in the same system. Small potatoes.

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