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   Chapter 31 No.31

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"And Jaymie?"

"Spent the evening getting all prettified and then went to bed after supper. Missed the whole thing. Still fast asleep for all I know."

Tim breathed a tired sigh of relief. At least they didn't get her.

"Okay, so who gave you permission to just chuck off with my ship?" Timaset asked coldly, following her inside. "They have laws about that, you know!"

"Um –" Vic began, still grinning despite the interruption.

"Didn't they used to execute people – I mean hang them or something, for that?"

"The term used was 'keel-haul', actually." Vic smiled.

"Okay, keel-haul."

"Star ships don't have keels."

"Fine. Whatever. I could find one and make you haul it."

The large woman just carried on smiling, in a maddening way that suggested she was in such a good mood she wasn't taking him all that seriously, especially considering he was almost half her build and couldn't very well make her do anything. Such a good mood that she didn't even bother to point out that the keel wasn't something she would be hauling – it was what she would be hauled over.

"In a moment you're going to stop whining and thank me." She beamed, stopping to point into the cargo bay. Just up ahead, tied securely to an overturned forklift, were two burly looking men in suits looking somewhat roughed up. Timaset looked them over. They were conscious, but looked like they had just gone thirty rounds in the ring with some WWF wrestling star with a name that might include such descriptive terms as 'Killer ' or 'Reaper'. Strips of material torn from their own clo

, turning to make his way back to the corridor.

"Sure, Boss." She called after him.

"Good work, Vic."

"Thanks, Boss!"

Tim was tired. It was so late it was already early. Funny how things like that work in cycles. It was amazing how things like that can appeal to a fatigued mind like his was at the time. As he made his weary way down the corridors, he decided to check up on Jaymie. Her door wasn't locked and her lights were dim. There she was, fast asleep in bed. Amazing how quickly he made the mental transition from him to her, he thought. And, he added mentally, he was thinking about himself, not Jaymie. The thought process was what he meant. It was like that with Dory. One second she was a fem guy and he could see the man she hated. The next, he could actually see the woman she was inside, the one he fell in love with. People are funny animals, he thought to himself. He closed the door again quietly and continued on his way. On, to the next order of business, the things Vic had confiscated from their would-be hijackers.

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