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   Chapter 24 No.24

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"Jamie Vallantdorf." Tim repeated.

"Yes, " Said Jamie, slowly and deliberately crossing his legs. "And one day it's going to be Jaymie, you know, with a 'y'."

Oh, gods! Tim thought in sudden shock. Not another one. How small is the fucking universe anyway? What was wrong with him? Why hadn't he made the obvious conclusion? Had two years with Dory blinded him to the signs? J – um, Jaymie smiled at him.

"Of course, you know, one or two things will change." He continued. "Or maybe three or four."

"Definitely three or four." Tim smiled back.

"Are you shocked, Captain?"

"Tim. Call me Tim." Said Tim. "I'm not the captain, I'm the owner. And no, not really. It explains a lot."

"Ever met somebody like me before? You aren't going to beat me up now, are you?"

"Yes and no." Smiled Tim. "As in no, I'm not going to beat you up, and yes, I have. Several times in fact."

"You're not sorry you rescued me now, are you?" Jaymie smiled coyly.

"No!" Tim asserted. "I have nothing against transgender people, Jaymie. In fact my girlfriend's one."

A moment passed in silence while they both took this in. Some PI he was! Join the dots, Tim, helooo! Then again, Dory had hoodwinked him a lot easier when they first met. Now he knew why Jamie's lips always seemed to look like they did. Lip gloss.

"I just had no idea, that's all." He said.

"Is um, is Vic your girlfriend?" Jaymie as

ng left of him, it was a flat, blackened lump drifting among the astors in the rings of, um – Jupiter. With shoes on. He leaned over the coffee table and made direct eye contact with Jaymie.

"Don't worry. You'll be safe here. We'll get you home, Jaymie." He said firmly. "It may take a while, but we'll get you home."

* * *

"And that's about the sum of it." Tim concluded, leaning on the dining table. The rest of the crew was gathered in the dining hall. Jamie was absent, getting some rest in a cabin down below. He had just put them in the picture. They had been listening intently. "Now you know."

"Shame, poor kid!" Said Vic empathically. The rest of them nodded in agreement. "And that …bastard!"

"Yeah!" Said Deire bluntly. "At least I was right 'bout one o'them! An' he looked a lot better the las' time ah saw 'im!"

"All flat and crispified!" Vic grinned vengefully.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Triple-J called out.

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