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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Bubba was in his element as usual. He seemed to enjoy piloting the ship. Perhaps too much. He didn't know if this old thing could actually do a handbrake turn, but if it could he was sure Bubba would know.

"Just about there." Bubba grinned from behind the control desk.

"Great." Said Tim, relaxing in the hot seat. "Better let them know." There was a cup of steaming hot coffee in the cup holder. It still hadn't been removed yet. He took a sip. It was at least three sugars sweet. Like treacle. Damn coffee machine still couldn't get it right. He made a mental note to do it himself next time. It made him miss Dory even more. She made a mean cup of coffee. Even his own never seemed to come quite as close.

The Celeste closed in on the asteroid. It was huge, almost a small moon. Bigger than Dong, for sure – and Dong was about 15km in diameter. It looked lifeless, dark. Just one side of the sphere looked slightly lighter than the other, but that was from the faint light of the Sun, millions of kilometers away.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Timaset remarked softly.

"They sure this is the place?" Said Deire over at the sensor station. "No energy readin's, no life signs. Nuthin'."

"That's the co-ordinates they gave us." Said Bubba. "Wait, there's something moving down there…"

"Okay – I see it." Said Deire. "It's a shuttle. Comin' up this way. Must be their ride."

The shuttle came right into visual range, till it was hanging in space just meters off Celeste's bow. It was a small commercial ship, a plain br

back in one piece –"

"And if it doesn't?" Jones interjected.

"Then y'can use the suits! He, he!"

Jones turned his back on the grinning Deire, took out a mobile and sent a signal. He looked at Tim and Deire.

"Thanks, but I think I'll trust my people first." He said, signaling to Smith to get on the platform. He joined him, followed by the baggage droid.

"Goodbye." Jones greeted. Jamie just waved a sad little wave in parting. The look on his sad little face just cried out 'help me'. Tim just waved silently. He had no idea what Jamie was doing in the company of a man like Jones, or even how they were connected to men like Giggling Harry. He had no idea that Jamie was actually in any danger, did he? He was sure it would haunt him the rest of his life that he didn't find a way to help him. Still, it wasn't any of his business was it? Harry held up his end, hadn't he? And ten thousand was still ten thousand. Anyway, Tim rather enjoyed breathing. He hoped to continue doing it for quite some time to come.

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