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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"Y'all settling in, Boss?"

Tim shrugged. "How far is that guy – uh, Triple-J? With the engine?"

"Nearly done, he said, shrugging back. 'Bout an hour ago anyways. Why?"

"I got us a fare." He said. "Passengers."

"Passengers?" Cried Deire, nearly sliding off the doorpost with a look of total surprise on his furry old face. "Like, boner fidey?"

"Bona fide passengers." Said Tim, beginning to unpack his bag. "Two. They should be arriving soon."

"Where're they goin'?"

"The rings of Jupiter, apparently."

"Garn!" Deire exclaimed.

"After that I figured we could head over to Mars and pick up some cattle to pay for the return trip. What do you think?"

"Sounds good t'me, Boss." Said Deire. "Came to tell you though – there's somebuddy outside wantin' to see you. A lady."

"A lady?" Tim repeated, making for the door. "Don't know many of those. At the ramp? To see me?"

"Yup." A puzzled sort of look crept over Deire's face and he shook his head. "Jupiter has rings?"

"Apparently." Said Tim going with it. "They say you've got to look really hard to see them."


"Yes, that's what I thought too."

As he turned the corner leaving his cabin, he overheard Deire's voice saying with enthusiasm: "See Bubba – Ah told yer getting in some new blood would get us outta this mess!" He shrugged and went back outside.

The visitor was Dory. And hell! She was dressed as Dory this time, a pretty brunette who fooled everybody who saw her and didn't know her. Really know her. Perfect make-up and a perfect hair-do. There was just a tiny hin

s." Deire giggled by way of introduction. "Don't you geddit? That's his name – Nurse! Doctor Nurse!"

"So what?" Tim replied, a little embarrassed. "You were named after a tractor. What's the big deal?"

Deire beat a sudden retreat, grumbling under his breath as Tim stepped up to meet Doctor Nurse. Well, to be more honest, Barry Nurse wasn't allowed to practice as a doctor anymore. Apparently he'd been removed from the Roll by the Medical Council who felt he'd spent enough time practicing and ought to have got it right by now. A hospital caught him burying a few of his mistakes and after a spell in Lulu Penitentiary a couple of years back, he needed a job. As a medic he wouldn't be required to do more than patch a few cuts or bruises, perhaps treat a bit of nausea or other tummy ailments brought about by Bubba's cooking. No need for limb transplants or open heart surgery anticipated. Hopefully. Nurse was tall, thin and his hands were clean. He looked the part. Tim hoped he was. He didn't want Nurse burying any mistakes around him.

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