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   Chapter 10 No.10

Loderunner By Christina Engela Characters: 4886

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Giggling Harry was what some might call a big fish in a little pond, a small-time crime boss. A leader of a small enterprise that dabbled in this and that. Giggling Harry dabbled in shady imports. (Which co-incidentally, happened to be the name of his largest business enterprise. Shady Imports Inc.) And Giggling Harry was called Giggling Harry on account of what he did most of the time. He giggled. It was sort of a nervous tick. One that would suit any self-respecting mad-scientist or any person dilly-dallying on the verge of potential insanity. And yes, his name really was Harry.

Harry was a short tubby man with a bull-dog face. He habitually wore a hat and smoked thick stubby Mexicanna cigars. His favorite drink was Yin, from the rim-worlds somewhere west of the Southern Cross. At least, it was until Falling Sherry came along. A half empty bottle of the stuff stood on the desk in his untidy office. Harry pointed at it with a nicotine-stained forefinger.

"You wanna?" He asked in an unusually high pitched voice for someone of his build. Tim shook his head.

"No thanks." The last thing on Deanna he felt like right now was some of that vile stuff, and no – not Yin and tonic either. Harry shrugged, drew deeply on his stubby cigar, and blew a purple smoke ring that slowly began to drift upwards and dissipate.

"What can I do fer yez?"

"I've acquired a ship, Harry." He said. "I need a cargo."

Harry giggled. "A ship? You leavin' the

so, in a sand-cloak – which was rather unusual for Deanna, as most of the locals wore cowboy hats and the like. So, clearly this was not a local. His older companion wore a slightly wrinkled green metallic business suit and had white hair tied back in a neat short pony. The fact that he had not one line or wrinkle on his face was somewhat disconcerting. Perhaps his pony-tail was tied too tight, he thought. The middleman grinned again, and introduced them (chronologically) as Misters Smith and Jones. Hmm. They moved in behind the table and sat beside him. The boy sat quietly, timidly observing the other patrons.

"So you'll transport us to – where we want to go?" Jones asked.

"So where is that, exactly?" Asked Timaset.

"To an asteroid in the rings of Jupiter." Said Jones, giving Tim a puzzling sort of look.

"An asteroid in the ri – Jupiter has rings?" Asked Tim, perplexed.

"Yes, actually – very faint ones – you have to look really careful, like."

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