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   Chapter 9 No.9

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"I'm getting a little tired of getting my head bashed in every other day, Dory." He argued. "I've tried card games, the flying frog races – this is the only way. Unless I win the Lotto. And I've tried the Lotto."

"So leaving me to go gallivanting across the galaxy is the way to make money now? As if your regular job isn't dangerous enough!" She fumed.

"It's just one trip, Love. People strike it rich in space all the time. This way I won't have to be a burden on you all the time."

"So the idiots you got the ship from are rolling in it, are they?"

Well no, not exactly, he thought. They were rolling in it, actually. Just that the 'it' in question wasn't money. She sighed, sitting down on the couch, shifting the cushions as she did so.

"Oh Skoochy, you're not a burden. We get by okay, don't we?"

"Sure we do." He said, and sat beside her. She draped one arm around his shoulders. "But I don't want to have to keep getting shot at just to make a living. Sooner or later they're going to get lucky."

"You could get lucky." She said at last, giving a tired little smirk. "You could be my hubby."

Hmm, he thought. He could become Mister Wintermuller. Or Dory could become Mrs. – um, Mister Skooch. Now that would give the Most Righteous Reverend Ramsley Valcovar at the local Reformed Puritan Church a case of the absolute dingles. He might even have a relapse and go back to the Willow Gardens Resort for the Temporarily Insane for another – um, holiday. And that would be a real tragedy.


have. And wine too, wine sometimes does that sort of thing.

The next morning, he left quietly without waking her. He had more business to attend to. Some distasteful business, in the rougher side of town. The industrial area of Atro City wasn't the kind of place you went unless you really had to. Well, at least that's how Timaset felt about it. He parked his Jeepo outside a run-down office beside a large junkyard. A burly-looking man looking more like a gorilla in a suit grunted at him as he closed the front door behind him. A minute later he was shown into the boss's office.

Timaset Skooch disliked dealing with the criminal elements on Deanna. That wasn't to say he didn't mind collaring and busting criminal types – he was a career law-enforcer after all, and like most career law-enforcement types, he had gown up wanting to be the good guy who collared the baddies. But what he really, really detested was to have to ask one of them for a favor. And there were still a few who owed him favors.

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