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   Chapter 6 No.6

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Unbelievably, some idiots got it in their heads the creatures made good pets. Kind of in the same way that other idiots keep lions and leopards as domestic pets. It's an image thing, being in apparent control of such a large powerful creature with an aura of inherent fatality about it. They would invite friends and prospective business partners round to show off their power and affluence. Then, one morning the maid comes in – and the big cat's lazing on the couch looking well-fed, and the only bit that she can find of the boss is something that might be used as an ashtray. But in the case of the F.F.B. the maid would be sweeping what was left of the boss into a dust pan while swearing under her breath about the extra-terrestrial bird crap all over the lounge tiles. That, or she would open the front door and fall into the crater that used be the lounge. F.F.B's didn't eat people, but they certainly had a reputation for killing them none the less.

"O'course I still wonder how the hell Wang came to be here at that time of night – an' tied to the cage too. We found bits of burned rope among the ashes and bits on the bars. We kinda figured it musta been kinky sex."

"Kinky s –" Tim repeated, his voice trailing off in disbelief. "What?"

"Real funny accident." Deire continued unperturbed. "We just never found out who with. Even Bubba was upset about


The next stop was the Galley. Wasn't that an ancient kind of long canoe with oars? Timaset was no marine expert or even a space ship enthusiast, and had no idea why anyone would call a kitchen that. It looked reasonably clean and serviceable enough, despite the persistent smell of beans and cabbage. At least he couldn't see any cockroaches. It was small and had a door that led into the little dining hall adjacent that looked like it could accommodate maybe twenty people. The swing door had marks that looked like someone had used it for target practice with a meat cleaver. The dining hall had a wooden table that lost its veneer years ago and the top looked like it had been scoured with steel wool. There were words carved into it and marks that looked like someone had been sticking knives in it for a long time.

"Kill - the - cook." He read out slowly. "Jimmy - is - a - in-bred - bastard."

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