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   Chapter 200 No.200

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5887

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Life among good people was so different to what he was familiar to… all that he'd known. There was a warmth here – a sense of caring that he would miss. Perhaps that was why Mykl and Ripley had chosen to stay. Perhaps that's why he didn't blame them, and perhaps even envied them for it.

He finished packing the rest of his things into his faithful old tog-bag. In the distance, on a display screen on the far wall of the sickbay, he could see the yellow-brown sphere that was Caries. It wasn't home, but it would do for now. Anyway, he had some unfinished business down there by the name of Marsha. After that, who knew? Perhaps he would go to Earth or Andronicus after all, to see what a so-called civilized world looked like. After all, he'd never actually been there before to see what all the fuss was about. The question was, would he go there alone or would he have company? The answer to that, he suspected, lay on that ugly yellow smear on the display.

"Stay tuned for the suspenseful further adventures of Blachart, the ex-Corsair!" He mumbled melodramatically to himself, following it up with a little imitation fanfare.

He stopped, pondering something. Then he grinned. The name didn't fit him anymore. It just didn't fit. Not in a rebellious sense of denial – somewhere along the line, it had just stopped. His heart felt light for the first time in years! He felt clean, and keen! Excited! He felt… anticipation! He was looking forward to answering that question. He closed the bag, looked around to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, and prepared to leave.

"Stay tuned for the further adventures of…me." He whispered.

* * *

The spaceport bar on Caries still looked the same. Patrons were sitting at tables, socializing and drink

again. Her eyes were lost in his, deep and calm. "And I need to know the name of the man my heart belongs to."

That did it for him. It was a home coming. A clichéd welcome home for the weary soldier returning home from the front, reunited with his sweetheart. It wasn't exactly a front in the traditional sense he was returning from, and he wasn't exactly a soldier either, but he'd certainly given them a run for their money – and she sure was his sweetheart. Perhaps it was time. Time for her to know who he was, who he really was…Who it was she wanted to settle down with. If in the end she really wanted him. In the end, relationships are built on trust and how can there be trust without honesty?

He pulled her close to him, oblivious to the stares from the patrons in the establishment. The bar seemed to fade away around them and they were alone together in their own private little universe. Two suns in orbit around each other, forming a binary star of their own. Just the two of them, and nothing else mattered in the realm of the Answered Question. He reached to her ear with his lips and kissed it tenderly, before whispering into it, his name.


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