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   Chapter 199 No.199

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"Uh-huh." She grinned. "Does he know that?"

"Yeah." He chuckled. "Too bad."

"So where to from here?" She asked again.

"Back to Caries to drop him off I suppose… On the way to Earth."

"A little down-time?" She asked quietly.

"Definitely." Mykl intoned. "I think we could all use some of that. Just not on Tremaine again, not for a while, please!"

She nodded, and then chuckled.

"I haven't seen a blue sky in forever." Ripley smiled thinly.

"Well, the sky on Andronicus isn't blue either – more like lavender!" Mykl grinned, even after she punched him in the ribs.

"Blue skies remind me of home." She smiled, realizing almost as she said it, that she agreed with Mykl's next words, that home was wherever they went together on Antares.

"We are home."

* * *

"Did you ever think, " Lofflin asked Dellon Bennett, "That it would be like this?"

Bennett paused in the middle of opening a bottle of sweet red wine, and looked up at him from across the small kitchen counter in the Captain's Flat. Their meal was already laid out on the dining table, and the lights were turned down low. There were even candles.

"Why, what do you mean?" Dellon asked.

"I mean, well – our relationship began in the middle of chaos, threatened by the Akx and Billingham, and nearly dying of hypoxia… and not long after getting back into our routine, more chaos, almost being killed by Corsairs… and here we are!"

Dellon shrugged uneasily. What was Joe getting at?

"Here we are."


"Thanks for everything, doc." He nodded.

He looked at his new hand. There was no more pain. It looked and felt exactly like his old one, except it was a little paler than the rest of him. He could see the place where it joined his arm, no scar or anything, just a sort of line where the skin turned light. It would normalize with exposure to sunlight, Doctor Payne told him. All the familiar little scars were gone too – the place where he cut his thumb with a woodwork saw as a child years ago, the shattered knuckle he sustained in a space battle near Solus… Still, it was nice to have a fresh start again, of a sort. He stared at the finger tips, wondering if the prints were the same. Pity they couldn't replace his whole body while they were at it, he had joked. Maybe his mind too, especially the part where bad memories were kept. Doctor Payne just laughed, discharged him, and told him the shrink's office was two doors down the hall. She promised him a referral, if he wanted it.

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