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   Chapter 197 No.197

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5494

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

There was just one chance left. Just one. And it meant taking a big risk – but it was better than no chance at all. Blachart spread his legs behind him, trying to find a purchase with his feet – and found something else that felt strangely familiar and kicked it forward. With one mighty surge that was his last strength, he strained his back muscles to slow his slide, and reached back with his throbbing right hand, and gripped the weapon. Down below, Sona Kilroy now found himself staring at Death from a new angle.

"Well, well – aren't you just full of surprises?" Kilroy growled. He reached up, grabbing in vain for the blaster. It was in Blachart's other hand, just out of reach, aimed right at Kilroy's head. Blachart adjusted his aim, and fired.

The blast was hot and bright at such close range, and the slap-sizzle loud in his ears. It should have seared Kilroy's arm through at the shoulder, but instead it just exposed more metalwork. How far did it go? Blachart cursed in internalized agony as Kilroy screamed in kind, squeezing still harder, causing the bones in his arm to creak and grind against each other. Blachart couldn't hold on much longer. If he blacked out, he would die!

"Is that all you've got?" The former Corsair admiral shouted at full volume with hate and venom in his voice, "The joints are locked – even if you kill me, you're coming with me!"

Kilroy pulled with his arms and scrabbled against the side with his legs, and they began to slide again. Killing Kilroy wouldn't have stopped the pain, or released his grip on him now, but Blachart had to get rid of the weight somehow. In that split second, Ada

hy, despite all the odds, Captain d'Angelo now sat in a hospital chair beside a bed, watching over his sleeping friend, instead of a corpse. The medtech staff were very, very good at their jobs too. The man once known as Blachart lay asleep where he'd been for the past two days – not sedated, just sleeping. He'd been through four procedures in that time, but Dr. Jaki Payne was now quite sure he was going to be fine. The patient stirred softly, and opened his eyes.

"Funny, " He croaked and smiled. "I thought I was dead."

"Not this time." Mykl smiled back. Adam looked down at his left arm. It was thickly bandaged right down to the hand. There were some tubes and medical sensors attached to it, and as usual, the obligatory drip. He wiggled his fingers slightly, and winced from sudden pain. Then he giggled.

"I thought I lost that!"

"You did." Mykl remarked. "Shot right through the forearm. Lucky the heat just about cauterized the whole thing, and the swelling closed off the bleeding – otherwise we would've recovered a corpse! And our Jaki is a real wizard with genetics."

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