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   Chapter 196 No.196

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5284

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

Blachart tried to sidestep, but this time he was a little too slow. As Kilroy grazed past him, he felt a vice-like grip around his left wrist and a terrific jerk before hitting the ground quite hard. Then he found himself sliding, being dragged across the gravel towards the precipice!

By the time things settled down enough for him to get his bearings, he was already lying prostrate looking over the edge of the precipice down into the void, scrabbling like an animal trying desperately to slow his slide towards the edge. Kilroy's artificial hand had an iron grip on his left wrist, and the weight of the man's body was dragging him slowly, steadily towards his doom. The gravel chewed through his clothing into his underbelly, and there were twinges of pain through his arm and shoulder as Kilroy twisted about, trying to get a grip with his feet against the cliff face below. The void below yawned darkly at Blachart. For a brief moment Kilroy looked almost comical, his feet flailing against the darkness. Pebbles fell past them, disappearing into the black, silently. Nothing further was heard from them, indicating the bottom was a long, long way down. If there was a bottom.

Blachart finally cried out from the strain of holding back, and from the pain in his shoulder. The slide had slowed and almost came to a stop but Blachart knew he couldn't hold on forever. Kilroy looked below and then back up at him, grimacing unpleasantly. He shared that knowledge. The face of the rock was smooth, there was nowhere to get a foothold, so he hung there, twisting slowly under m

of his own past that threatened to destroy him. Perhaps they would both die now, but at least, Adam consoled himself, this monster would be finished as well! It would end here – all he had to do was, to let go.

"Not… just… yet." Blachart grunted under the strain, defiance burning in his narrowed eyes. "I've… still… got something to live for!"

Blachart felt his body slowly slipping across the gravel, holding slightly as he poured more of his waning strength into his aching right hand, but it seemed he was fighting a hopeless battle. It's said that on certain occasions your life flashes before your eyes. On occasions such as this. Blachart really didn't enjoy reruns. He'd seen it before, recently in fact. Right now, at that very painful moment, just about the only thing he drew comfort from was the knowledge that back on some crappy little backwater planet light-years away, called Caries – there was someone, perhaps, who was waiting for him to return. He really didn't like the idea of disappointing her. In fact, he didn't intend to!

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