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   Chapter 194 No.194

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4957

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A few minutes further down the passage, the sides opened up into the main cavern again. A faint sound of hurried packing drew his attention. Not far away, he spotted an older model, medium-sized star shuttle. The fact that it was black should've been obvious, except for the odd fact that it wasn't. It was a brownish yellow color, and looked very much like a long range shuttle that might be operated by mining prospectors. The door was open and the ramp was down, and nearby there were piles and piles of stuff in sacks and crates. As he moved in a bit closer, Blachart spotted gleam of precious metals, and the source of the noises he'd heard earlier. Far above, he could see a night sky through an opening, most likely big enough to explain the presence of the shuttle – and how Kilroy planned to make his getaway, probably once all the fuss in orbit had died down and the Terrans had pickled off thinking they had got him. With the shuttle being unlikely to be identified on sight as a Corsair runabout, all he would need was a change of clothes and some trumped-up papers, and he could pose as anything from a deep-space prospector to a tourist. A nice tidy plan, Adam thought. Pity about the devil in the details.

Kilroy straightened up from his self-appointed task of dragging sacks up the ramp, to have a breather. He was getting too old for this sort of thing, he mused. In the movies, this would have been the perfect moment for Blachart to say something poignant or witty,

we go our separate ways – and we can both live out our lives as wealthy men!"

"Bargaining so soon?" Blachart smiled. "Either you've gone soft, or you've run out of options."

"So, you're a free man… but a poor free man." Kilroy sneered. "Take my offer and you'll never worry about money again."

It would be a lie to say that Blachart didn't consider Kilroy's offer – after all, there was plenty of wealth lying on the cavern floor, enough for both of them to live very, very comfortably – but Blachart knew all too well that Sona Kilroy couldn't be trusted to keep his word, and that this 'offer' was no more than a ploy to distract him or to put Kilroy in a better position to kill him. Besides, there was a lot more to it than mere money – as Blachart, he had already amassed a tidy hoard of his own… somewhere…and he was willing to wager that his was tainted by a lot less blood. He reminded himself, again, that with Kilroy it was better policy to shoot first and talk later.

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