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   Chapter 193 No.193

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"I've been called much worse." Blachart shrugged, still smiling his maddening faint smile, still just out of reach. "And you were right to trust me, my friend." He said most seriously. "Of all the people in the universe I've called 'friend', you most of all should know I mean it."

"But then…" Mykl stammered, "Why this?"

"Kilroy will be stopped – just not by you."

"You…?" Mykl uttered, realizing what was really going on. Blachart was going to head down to the surface alone, to find and take out Kilroy himself… and he knew that Blachart – or Adam, wasn't sure he was coming back. Mykl calmed himself down forcibly. Perhaps he could reason with the man better that way. "Now just wait one damn minute!"

"I'll go." Adam replied candidly. "I have a score to settle with him anyway – and we both know I'm the man for the job. Last time we went on a mission together you didn't make out too well." He winked.

Mykl knew he was referring to him getting seriously wounded and barely making it back to Antares alive. If not for Blachart, he wouldn't have made it, and the mission would have failed.

"But we could both go – two stand a better chance! Even with a few marines from the Alexander, we could – "

"Nice try." Blachart smiled, looking him in the eyes. "But you have a life, Mykl. Happiness, or a chance at it. You're a good man… A good man. You have someone who loves you, a reason to live, and to stay alive."

"So do you!" Mykl hissed in reply. The corridor was silent. Where was a meandering technician or wandering ensign on cleaning detail when he needed one?

"Yeah." Blachart nodded. "But maybe I don't deserve her. Maybe she's better off without me to complic

, it seemed a perfect place for keeping treasure hidden – and an ambush. What did Kilroy want down here? Did he have a ship hidden as part of his many "plan b's"? Was this where Kilroy had hidden his hoard? Did Kilroy have a hoard? Of course, he thought – every self-respecting Corsair did – and Sona Kilroy didn't just indulge in self-respect, he practiced self-worship.

Blachart the Bloody advanced cautiously, holding a blaster at the ready. He didn't like the feel of the weapon – he preferred his Luger – and even his sword, but he hadn't had time to recover that on the way here. All he got was the Sanjan from the unconscious transmatter operator. Silence reigned. His footsteps were soft and near-silent on the sandy floor of the cavern. It was grey-brown, like dry river sand, mixed with tiny fragments of what might be the worn down remains of shells. A few minutes of walking led him to an opening in the rocky passage. It was there that he found the first footprints. They began in the middle of the space. This was where Kilroy had arrived, it was the start of his trail – and from here he could track his prey.

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