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   Chapter 192 No.192

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* * *

On the Antarse, Mykl and crew were recovering from the battle. The ship was still at full alert, but the firing had ceased. The battle appeared to be over. Commodore Bayne had informed them of her boarding operation. So far it seemed all was going well. For all intents and purposes it was all over.

Mykl turned their attention onto the Mordrake. The ship was far from dead as it turned out, made apparent when Joe Lofflin greeted him tersely from the main viewer. He was marked with soot and his hair looked funkier than usual, but he seemed quite functional.

"Fires are all out." He reported. "Med teams are seeing to the wounded. Engines are back online Pity it's all over!"

That was the end of the call. Just then, the viewscreen lit up with a bright flash, reflected off the Mordrake's hull. That had come from behind them! The viewscreen was redirected.

"Shit!" Somebody exclaimed.

"It's the Indomitable!" Ensign Jacob reported. "She's gone up!"

Mykl shielded his eyes from the glare on the screen. It was the biggest explosion he'd seen in his life – at least, from this close up! If there'd been air in space, there would have been one hell of a roar – but as it was, Antares vibrated and creaked from the shock of the concussion, creating a momentary low droning noise. Both ships had to counter-thrust to

looked down to see – with surprise that he'd just been handcuffed to the grab-rail against the bulkhead! Adam saw the look of puzzlement on his face and seemed to be trying to suppress a grin.

"What the hell is this?" Mykl asked, surprised and a bit annoyed. "Are you a comedian now?"

It was just a minor detail, but where the hell had Blachart found those handcuffs in the first place? There was no fur on them, he'd checked – and how had his comlink ended up where it was, dangling between his fingers? Was the Corsair also a consummate pick-pocket as well?

"I can't let you go down there." Adam said candidly. "Not this time. Sorry, Mykl."

"You're not thinking of stopping me!"

"I already have, Mykl." Adam smiled back at him. "I just did."

"You bastard!" Mykl snarled, grabbing at the man who had moved just out of his reach. "Kilroy has to be stopped! I trusted you!"

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