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   Chapter 190 No.190

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6113

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"Clever." He said.

"Time to even the odds a little." Mykl reasoned. "Let's see how badly these fuckers want us."

The warship maneuvered about and sidled closer to the group of corsairs, who were now trying to co-ordinate a new attack. At the helm, Ensign Marna Accelera deftly brought the Antarse in closer.

"Targets following – in pursuit!" Accelera reported tersely.

"Deploy mines now!" Mykl ordered.

"Dropping mines." Kneal reported. "Mines away!"

A string of black ships began to follow the Antares, and as she began dropping space mines, the first ship flew right into one. A brilliant explosion lit the black hull in the darkness, highlighting the plating and rivets – and also the framework and twisted chunks of shrapnel as the force of the explosion ripped into the hull – and then a second. Then the next ship behind that one struck another mine. A cascade reaction erupted in Antares' wake – and within minutes, five raiders drifted, shattered and bleeding air and fire from gaping wounds.

Antares turned and headed for another cluster of raiders, heading for the outermost ship. As they drew closer, it launched something at them.

"Incoming object!" Ripley reported, "Iron meteorite!"

"Shields to full power!" Mykl shouted.

The ship bucked and vibrated beneath them slightly. Just in time, Mykl thought. Now, before they get a chance to fire again…


At the order, three slam-torpedoes streaked towards the target. All struck home in short succession. Small explosions on the surface of the hull erupted into large fireballs, till in mere seconds, the corsair was a blazing inferno.

"Next target!" Mykl ordered, watching the remaining Corsair ships frantically trying to come about and engage them. "Mines! Hurry – before they recover!"

They dropped another stick of mines a

Kilroy still had a lot of ships left in the chase.

"Captain!" Ensign Muller called suddenly from behind. "I have the ISS Alexander on sensors!"

Just then, the new arrival burst onto the stage. It was just what they needed – a fresh ship with a fresh crew, and it wasn't another cruiser like Mordrake or Antares – the Alexander was a rarer breed, a lesson learned from the past few years of engaging Corsair raiders in the Omegan Quadrant. The battleship was an unexpected surprise for them all – especially Kilroy! Without a doubt, her arrival swung the odds definitively back in their favor. The closer Corsair ships began firing random, instinctive laser bursts at her, while the rest began to scatter and look for the best direction to flee in. Without warning, two of the nearest raiders almost simultaneously stopped in their tracks and exploded. The Alexander unleashed a stream of streaks that marked the paths of high speed next generation slam-torpedoes, that picked the rest apart, blasting chunks off them as they scattered and tried to run. While the remaining handful of Corsair raiders attempted to regroup with Indomitable, the larger Imperial ship circled round and opened a coms link to Antares.

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