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   Chapter 189 No.189

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5705

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"Lt. Nordyke!" He called. "Send this to Core Command, Fleet Admiral Lirtman: 'We have engaged the last Corsair fleet at Endicor!'"

The ship vibrated slightly around them again, the sign of another torpedo detonating against their defensive energy shield.

"Let's hope they send reinforcements!" She replied.

"Shields holding!" Samantha Kneal reported. "Torpedoes ready! Target locking sequence engaged!"

"Fire at will!" Mykl ordered.

There was the sound from below decks of the torpedo bays launching slam-torpedoes, the mainstay weapon of the Imperial Space Fleet. Ka-chunka-chunka-chunka they went. Little streaks of light marked their passage through the darkness as the guided missiles sought their targets. In the old days, now just a few months ago, Corsair ships could have fired counter-measures and torpedoes of their own, but not anymore. These weren't quite the same ships, they were less potent than the fearful Corsair raiders of old. They didn't even have defensive shields – all but one, the Indomitable. The torpedoes struck home against the other ships, exploding brilliantly, sowing chaos and destruction among the enemy. Unprotected, all it took was one hit to strike a crippling blow, two to utterly destroy a Corsair raider. But there were a lot of them in the sky now, more arrived as if called by Kilroy. Most of these ships had industrial strength cutting lasers, while some had torpedo launchers. Still others had crude improvised magnetic rail-guns that fired iron meteors back at them like crude missiles.

The two Terran ships began to take damage now too, more slowly than the enemy, but it was mounting. Mordrake fired a second wave of torpedoes, while Antares turne

focus on the Antares now, and for the most part appeared to ignore the stricken Mordrake.

"Now there's something you don't see every day." Adam murmured as the ball of wild fire licked around the dispersing air and fading gravity fields of the dying ships. He and Mykl exchanged grim looks.

"Helm." Captain d'Angelo said firmly. "Take us closer to the corsairs… Let's try to distract them from the Mordrake. Weapons – change of tactics! Narrow spread, salvo of three torpedoes per target!"

"Narrow spread, salvo of three per target! Aye!"

"Standby to deploy space mines!"

"Er…" Ensign Kneal hesitated. The order didn't make sense. "What was that last order, sir?"

"Something wrong with your hearing, Ensign?"

"No, sir."

"Get ready to drop mines in a random pattern in our wake – don't forget to set the nav-comp to keep track of them, so we don't risk flying into them ourselves!"

"Yes, sir!"

Blachart sat silently to the side of his command chair, leaning on it in a way that suggested casual disinterest, but Mykl knew better. That was just his way. He sent Mykl a grim little smile, nodding his approval.

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