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   Chapter 188 No.188

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4946

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

Adam rematerialized in the standing position on the transmatter jump platform aboard the Antares – which was rather weird, because for a moment it felt like he was standing and sitting at the exact same time. His Luger was also back in its holster. He saw Brenton standing beside him, displaying the exact same puzzled expression on his face – and their unexpected companion had appeared beside him, looking distinctly torn between emotions of rage and fear. Mykl was there to meet them, along with a couple of crewmen holding blasters on their captive – whom Mykl had co-opted on the way, stuck the weapons in their hands, and said 'you and you, you're security marines, let's go!'

"Glad to have you back!" Mykl greeted Blachart and Brenton.

"Thanks, Captain!" Brenton beamed, prompting Mykl to resist an urge to ask the Ensign if he had a good time. Evidently he had – half the plain on Endicor was on fire.

"Looks like we missed the party!" He remarked to Blachart. "There's nothing left for us to shoot at, as usual."

"The day is young." Adam smiled, before gesturing at the Corsair. "Captain d'Angelo – meet Martel the Mighty, Patron of Meradinis and – er, probably High King and Royal Poobah of Endicor."

Martel, red-faced, deflated, quivering mad and teary eyed, glared at him – and if anything, growled just like a Chihuahua.

"Sweet!" Mykl grinned. "Quite a catch! Guards, off to the cell bays with him please!"

"My pleasure, sir!" An entech specialist gr

geful fury. The first shots fired were long range and ineffective, but very quickly, their crews bit down hard under the pounding. Fortunately Mordrake and Antares' shields held as the first wave of the attack passed. The Corsair ships co-ordinated and spread out in a pincer maneuver. On the bridge of the Antarse, Mykl d'Angelo issued orders, trying to gain control of the situation. It wasn't just enough to have stronger weapons. It was quite a sight – Kilroy hadn't been on Endicor after all, because he was on Indomitable – and whether by chance or because he was lured out by the destruction of Freetown, he had been drawn out now, guns blazing.

"Helm!" Mykl ordered, "Co-ordinate with Mordrake! Slam-torpedoes, wide spread, rapid fire!"

There was a barrage of 'aye sir's' from Ensigns Kneal and Accelera as he turned to look at Ripley. Her expression was grim, like his own, her mind focused on the things that had to be done. Beside him, on the other side, sat Blachart.

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