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   Chapter 187 No.187

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5995

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"A Viktor Viper." Blachart noted in a disparaging tone. "Oh dear, oh dear."

It was lucky nobody got hurt. That little model of blaster gave energy weapons a bad name on account of their tendency to misfire like nobody's business. Blachart was rather surprised that a Corsair would bother with one of those – they were typically carried by rich, fat Terrans who had no inkling of what a real weapon was supposed to do, and usually because they could be concealed so well because of their size.

"What are you waiting for?" Brenton cried out, muffled, and upside down in a wrestling hold. "Shoot him!"

"No time now!" Blachart scowled, and reached over to the control console beside the door, steadying himself as the other two continued to wrestle, grunting and desperately exchanging occasional blows. He shut the pod door with a soft hiss-pop of a pressure-seal snapping into place. Inputting course instructions of his own, he then kicked the Brackmeister 440's lying on the deck grid over to his side of the pod. He sure as hell didn't want one of those going off in here.

"Hold onto something!" He ordered the wrestlers, and punched the release – but he hadn't meant each other. Brenton had a good hold of his opponent's long flowing black hair, and the other had a fair grip on Brenton's arm and shirt collar. Without any warning, the life-pod launched away from the HQ ship, not unlike how a mortar shell is fired from its launcher, and the seconds that followed inside the pod were filled with sudden violent acceleration, vibration, then inertia and partial weightlessness – and a good deal of pointless screaming and thrashing about in the claustrophobic little space.

The little pod of chaos soared off into the Endicoran sky, through the energy screen, and then began to tur

lped him look foolish as he grunted and strained, his fingers clawing and not reaching.

"Uh-uh." Adam chided, his Luger coming up and pointing squarely at his chest. "Let's just sit back and enjoy the ride. You've got nowhere to go now. Remember that."

"We'll see about that!" The man roared defiantly.

"Oh, will we?"

"Yes, when our fleet arrives!" The man spat angrily. "Who're you anyway? Terran spies?"

"Me?" Blachart smiled with maddening poise, "My name's Adam – you probably remember me as Blachart."

Blachart sat down and crossed his legs for comfort, keeping the muzzle of "Old Faithful" on his now madly quivering and screeching target. Brenton wisely shifted up another two seats to get out of reach of the mad little man. Adam opted to leave the Brackmeister at the man's feet rather than move it out of the way – smiling in the knowledge that the weight of it on his foot would frustrate the other that much more knowing he was unable to reach it or use it. The pod took them into high orbit over Endicor where moments later, just as he began appreciating the vista of the green cloudy sphere below them, he began to feel the familiar tingle of Antares transmatter.

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