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   Chapter 185 No.185

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The interior of the ship looked like a prefab construct, which was likely, since the ship was also yet another converted loderunner. This would've all been cargo space before, Brenton thought, as he scampered after Blachart, like a little puppy carrying two awfully large and unwieldy bones, bringing up the rear. It seemed they were entering an administrative section, with doorways ahead on both sides of the corridor. An arrow on the wall pointed towards a turning. A sign beside it read "Ship Functions, Authorized Entry Only". Bowing to no authority other than his own, Blachart calmly went in.

"Where are we going?" Brenton asked in a low whisper, in one of the rare moments he actually caught up to him as he paused before entering an intersection.

"Engine room." Blachart said, cutting straight to the heart of the matter, noting the casual way that Brenton seemed to be sauntering behind him. "Keep watching our six please, Mr. Brenton – thank you."

"Roger that, boss!" Brenton grinned, giving a mock salute and nearly braining himself with the 440 in that hand. "Ow! Whoops! Sorry!"

'Eye-roll.' Blachart thought, like it was some kind of sushi. 'Too much Dutch courage perhaps?' On the other hand, with him doing all the work – and very efficiently, there seemed to be little for Brenton to do, and the noob probably thought they were in no danger at all.

The rest of the corridors seemed to follow a pretty standard layout. Since the ship was on the ground and not going anywhere, they found the corridor leading to the engine room deserted. The pressure-door had been le

r made of densified collapsium and fitted with all kinds of fail-safes and alarms. He eyed a rather large section of bulky machinery over to his left – the ship's power plant, now essentially a big bomb, ticking silently. There's nothing to it, he thought. Disable these fail-safes and alarms, mess up a few settings here, randomize a few more settings here, then punch the big red button marked 'oh fuck it' …and pretty soon things would get very interesting around here.

"There." He smiled and winked at Brenton. "That'll blow Martel's anal sphincter through his Mighty cranium! Or his Mighty sphincter through his anal cranium, whichever you prefer!"

"I hope we won't be here then?" Said Brenton, nervously eyeing the rising bar-graphic indicators on the display, turning red and various other shades of critical.

"No worries, we'll be long gone by then."

"How long before - ?"

"Plenty of time." Adam replied reassuringly. "At least fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen minutes?" Brenton almost wailed as Blachart breezed past him towards the door."

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