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   Chapter 181 No.181

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5400

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

"Martel the Mighty." Blachart answered, almost without a pause.

"Hrm." The other grunted. "An' before him?"

"Gillobehr the Strange." Said Blachart, not missing a beat.

This seemed to satisfy their captor, who finally lowered his hand canon before taking some steps closer. The other figure at the tree line also seemed to relax, the weapon sinking visibly. He reached out a hand to Blachart, who took it.

"Johnson." He drawled by way of introduction. He'd half expected something more grandiose, even threatening – but 'Johnson' it was. "Hard landing eh, but lucky you're all in one piece."

With lightning quickness, Blachart tightened his grip on Johnson's hand tight, pulling him close and turning the man's mass between himself and the man at the tree line.

"Blachart the Bloody. Pleasure to meet you." He growled in a low tone, looking Johnson in the eye, appreciating the look of realization in them. It said he knew there was a reward – and he wasn't going to collect it. 'Phut. Phut.' Blachart's Luger spat, the suppressor stuck in the man's ribs. Little plumes of red mist sprang from Johnson's back into the air! Before the body could fall, Blachart grabbed him close, firing twice left-handed at the other over Johnson's shoulder, using him as a shield. About 30 meters away, the man by the trees fell silently without firing a shot, still holding his weapon. Not bad, for a pistol, not even for him, he considered. Holstering the Luger, he retrieved the 440 from the corpse at his feet, glancing round to check for other Corsairs. He didn't see any. Brenton seemed to have completely forgott

e. The other bike – whatever it was – was brown and dull and didn't really appeal to him, and he thought it might suit Brenton much better.

"You know how to ride?" He asked, noting the disappointed look on Brenton's face.

"Sure." Breton replied indignantly. "I mean, of course I can. I'm a fucking pilot! What d'you mean do I know how to ride?"

"Well, let's go then!" Blachart urged. "We've got sights to see, people to do!"

Blachart opened the throttle and the hover-bike surged forward with a powerful roar. Gliding the turn, he acclimatized to the controls quickly, then slowed down for Brenton to catch up, and the two sped on towards the energy dome that covered the settlement. It was intended to prevent any travel in or out by transmatter, as well as to block ships in orbit from scanning inside it, meaning that both Terran ships were effectively blind as to what was going on inside – which is right where Blachart came in. Well, he and Brenton – who right now, was taking in the sights just like a tourist. All he needed was a camera and a selfie-stick.

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