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   Chapter 177 No.177

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"Will do, sir."

After holding a steady course for a few minutes, Ripley took a reading and had Kilroy's new course. She cross-referenced it with the navigational database taken from the Undertaker – Blachart's own ship, when they'd first captured it.

"Any luck?" Mykl asked. "Did you get it?"

"I think so." She reported. "It's not on our star-charts at all, Mykl. It's listed on the Corsair charts as 'Endicor'."

Mykl looked at the display screen on her console. Adam craned his neck to see over Mykl's arm. It showed a schematic of a star system on the heading Kilroy had taken. It looked like a red dwarf star, with only 3 planets in orbit, and a large body similar in size to Neptune right on the outer edge of the habitable zone. The large green-yellow planet had nine small moons, the largest of which was slightly bigger than Mars. The database said it was green, forested, and had a breathable atmosphere – but had no information about animal life, or anything else about it for that matter.

"Is this the only system on that heading?" Mykl asked her.

She nodded. "The only one in the database on or close to that path in this part of space."

Mykl looked at Adam, who appeared to have recognized it right away. It had been right at the top of the list of the three likely destinations he'd made mentally before Kilroy had changed course…and for good reason, he felt – the others were just too unpleasant to contemplate.

"That's it. If I were looking for a likely place in this part of space to set up a new base, then that would be the place."

"Okay, Ensign Accelera." Mykl called. "Take us to Endicor – but slow and cautious, like. Keep us off their sensors…. Nordyke, relay update to Mordrak

d a report to Admiral Lirtman, detailing the day's events – their losses at Yalta 2, along with all names and details of the dead. He also recommended all of those killed, for posthumous honors and awards, feeling that it was the least he could do. Not that it would make the slightest difference to the dead, anyway, he thought. Then he included mention that he'd re-enlisted the services of Blachart as his advisor, mentioning that the man had come along voluntarily and had provided good intel and assistance. He also included a report on their confrontation with the Indomitable, complimented Captain Lofflin and his crew, and closed with their present location along with his strong suspicion that this was the location of Kilroy's new base.

After sending it via the usual coded channels, Captain d'Angelo returned to the bridge. Nothing appeared to have changed – everything there seemed to be going very slowly. Blachart still occupied his camping chair, and seemed to be quietly appreciating the sight of Endicor on the viewscreen. Indomitable seemed to finish sending its cargo down to the surface, and then began to break orbit again.

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