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   Chapter 176 No.176

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4930

Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

The man that name applied to, had faded out of existence already, had grown and evolved – and what remained of him, his essence, still lingered in this form, in the form of Adam. Trouble was, people on this ship – and some off it – seemed to be far more interested in Blachart than in Adam. Still, the awkwardness in the voice of the coms operator on the ship-wide call as he said "Mr.…uhm…Blachart to the bridge… please. Uh, thank you." was sort of cute and amusing, and lifted his spirits again. He grinned, allowing it to fade before anyone noticed.

"You rang?" He quipped as he arrived at Mykl's side.

"I need your advice…" Mykl said, looking round at him – and trailed off in mid-sentence as he watched Blachart the ex-Corsair open a folding camping chair right beside his command chair.

"Er – what's the chair for?"

"Last time I stood here for over an hour." Adam chuckled wryly and sat down. "I figured if I had to be here, I might as well be comfortable – after all, you're not paying me for this, y'know."

"Right…" Mykl said, before quickly briefing his advisor and bringing him up to speed. "…Then they took off and we've been following them for the last half hour or so."

"Okay." Adam nodded in his best professional manner.

"So what's he up to?"

Adam leaned in closer to deliver his advice.

"Kilroy will be thinking he's scared you off – letting him gain some distance was a good move on that part. Perhaps he may think his ship has the edg

d immediately, we are reducing speed. Antares unable to continue pursuit!"

A few moments later, the Mordrake – getting into the spirit of the subterfuge, read by Lt. Nordyke, responded with: "Have lost sensor contact with Indomitable. We are with you, Antares. Sending over tech support personnel to assist, please standby."

The speck on the viewscreen faded until it was out of sight and no more than a blip on the navigation display at the helm. It was a very good bet that neither Kilroy, nor any of his crew, knew that their ships sensor range was shorter than their opponents. It was a sure bet – because, not very long after Antares and Mordrake dropped off the Indomitable's sensors, the Corsair abruptly changed course, making a sharp right turn and heading slightly downwards from their perspective.

"It's working!" Ripley breathed tensely. "He's bought it!"

"That's it, Marna!" Mykl heaped praise on their helmsman. "Now follow, and keep us off their sensors!"

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