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   Chapter 175 No.175

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5182

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Distraught as she was, Marna Accelera stuck to her post at the helm, gritting her teeth as she held back her tears.

"Comms!" Mykl told her, "Relay our position and heading to 'Command right away, and send updates to Mordrake!"

Indomitable, the Corsair flagship, fled her two pursuers – the Antares and the Mordrake – and at warp speed, headed deeper into the unknown parts of the Omegan Quadrant. Indomitable was running at full speed, with both Imperial ships hot in pursuit. Their blood was up, as Kilroy anticipated. Kilroy may have led this dance, but he also knew he daren't miss a step now or it might be his last! His frightful cackle echoed on the bridge of his ship, giving even his hardened crew gooseflesh and a case of the crawls.

Celebrating the success of his cunning plan, Sona Kilroy congratulated himself for having given the Terrans a bloody nose back on that planet. He knew they were angry now, especially their commander – but he also knew they would be more cautious after that – and if not, then he was dealing with a fool and so much the better for him!

He'd surprised them, outwitted them – and he'd cost the Terran scum dearly. Now they would think him unpredictable, dangerous, and would doubt themselves and their gut instincts about him or his next move – which was exactly what he wanted! In short, he had shaken their self-confidence, and their confidence in their commanders. He cackled again, well pleased with himself. Yet all too quickly, he became again the serious, somber man, focusing on the task at hand

t going to be able to overtake or stop their foe this way – but that the best course of action open to them at the moment was to stay on their trail and follow the Indomitable to see where they were going – and then deal with them there.

"Lt. Nordyke." He called. "Call Mr. Blachart to the bridge, please."

About ten minutes later, gritting his teeth with annoyance, the man called Blachart appeared on the bridge after a few minutes. It's not that he'd been summoned, that he was annoyed – he answered that call out of friendship and the sentiment attached to a far older word… 'penance'. He was a penitent man, trying to win his way back into the good graces of the Human race – no, it was because of the name. That name! People kept calling him that. At least, the people who knew who Blachart was – 'scratch that!' Adam thought. Nobody really knew who Blachart was, they just knew name and the legends, and now his face together with the name – and applied them to mean each other – but he wasn't that Blachart any longer…

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