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   Chapter 174 No.174

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"Lead One." Maguire said into his helmet com-link pick-up. "Contacts are off the grid, they just vanished off the scan. Please advise, over."

"Lead One, this is Lead Boss." Hanson said from his improvised command post at the entrance of the complex. "I know. Antarse just signaled me. The targets just shifted out, back to their ship. Mission's scrubbed. Your instructions are to withdraw. Return to exit, acknowledge."

"Okay. Got it, Lead Boss. Lead One out." Maguire said.

This job was sometimes a frustrating one, and no less so than now. Maguire didn't know what this had been all about, what the damn Corsairs had come down here to do. Whatever it was, it had probably been successful but still, it just didn't smell right to him. Whatever they'd done, it hadn't taken long. If they'd come to just retrieve something, why not just pick it up with the trans-matter in the first place? And if they could transmatter out, why didn't they transmatter in to begin with?

"Okay, boys and girls." Sgt. Maguire announced. "Party's over, let's get back topside."

"Geez, Sarge." A marine said, patting Maguire's shoulder on the way past, "What a waste of fuckin' time! Let's get back and I'll buy you a beer!"

Disappointed, the team of marines started making their way back towards the exit and yes, Maguire still thought something was wrong with the whole scenario. It didn't smell right – not at all. As he passed by the wrecked service vehicle lying crushed under the weight of the pile of broken crates and chunks of earth and broken concrete, he paused to look inside the cab through the broken side glass. Something was looking back at him, with dark eyeless sockets. Through bits of peeling and parchment-like skin, it g

domitable, and to start firing, but just then, Indomitable was on the move.

"Captain." Ripley called from beside him, then more softly. "Mykl."

He looked up at her, silent and grim. The burden of command was upon him.

"Indomitable is breaking orbit!"

"Pursuit course, now!" He ordered Marna Accelera at the helm. "Mordrake!" He called, opening a channel to Lofflin from his console, "They're on the move!"

"We see them, Antares, " Lofflin replied. "Moving to intercept!"

The hijacked former Space Fleet ship was leaving the bright orb that was Yalta 2 behind. Antares moved away from behind her cover and tried to close on the Indomitable. Lofflin had been keeping his eyes on what was going on, and the Mordrake began to move away from Yalta 3 as well, and took an intercept course. Then, just before the Indomitable zipped off into hyperspace, she launched a stream of slam-torpedoes right at the Antares. Most missed their mark and streaked past into open space, but two detonated against her shields and shook every deck and illuminated her hull in the brilliant light of the flames rolling across the shield wall, before fading out.

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