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   Chapter 173 No.173

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Mykl knew that old Corsair legend all too well. Every Corsair captain worth his salt kept a hoard – that is, a store of some of the riches and booty looted during his career… stored away safely so that they could retire well one fine day when they faced old age. Mykl knew – probably just as well as Blachart – that few Corsairs who got to be as infamous as Sona Kilroy – or Blachart – lived long enough to reach retirement, or to cash in and spend that wealth. It made perfect sense… Kilroy would have built and hidden a substantial hoard… and right now, without a government, without a base or any kind of infrastructure like before… well, he had to pay his people somehow! At least, hypothetically.

"Let's drop in and say hello." Said Mykl cheerfully. "Hmm? Catch him with his grubby hands in his piggy bank?"

* * *

The derelict base on Yalta 2 was quiet – and as they say in the old movies, too quiet. As Antares and Mordrake's crews watched, several of the Indomitable's Corsair crew had just shifted down to the surface, using the transmatter, and had entered the deserted underground installation for reasons unknown. What were they doing down there?

In orbit, the captured Indomitable was carefully being watched by the Antares which was in orbit of a small moon on the other side of the planet, and by the Mordrake, which was obscured by the mass of Yalta 3, the next neighboring planet. Joe Lofflin on the Mordrake had taken on the task of lying in wait, in case Kilroy decided to make a run for it. Mykl doubted Kilroy had that in mind just at the present moment.

Every Terran warship carried a number of security marines – mostly to deal with security issues aboard ship, but also in case of situations such as this arising. They also acted as MP's in matters

e intention of capturing or taking out Kilroy – if he was down there, and on they went. Sgt. Maguire knew which option he preferred.

The portascan could be set to detect various forms of life and plot their relative positions on a display. It was able to distinguish between alien races, species and even individual people. For this reason, it could be set to show certain targets while not showing others. The rest of the penetration team were known, so they were strangely absent from Maguire's small helmet display, but it did show ten unknown individuals a short distance ahead, all Terran. They had gathered a short distance ahead, in what appeared to be a small room, possibly an old office or control center for the loading dock. They didn't seem to be moving around much – what were they doing? The portascan couldn't tell them that, of course. The marines had by now reached the small door, what appeared to be the only way in or out of the small room. The lead marine was just about to signal the team to make a forceful entry and sweep when his com-link ear-piece vibrated. Just as suddenly, their portascan screens and helmet displays went blank. No more targets. Nothing.

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