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   Chapter 172 No.172

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"Thank you, Ensign." He acknowledged. Two minutes later, he arrived on the bridge and took his seat beside Ripley. A few minutes later, Blachart arrived and silently posted himself beside Mykl's command seat.

"Coms, " Mykl called. "Have the security marines standby for transmatter deployment, full tactical readiness." He glanced to see who was at the sensor station. It was Ensign Muller's turn at the sensor station. "Jakob, scan for Indomitable, see if you can find her anywhere in the system."

"Yes, sir!"

"Ensign Kneal, put weapons on standby, shields up! Red alert!"

The Yalta system was uninhabited. At least it seemed that way. There wasn't much real estate in the system, which consisted of four whole planets, each with several small moons that seemed, quite frankly, to be the debris of a few larger planets that had broken up in ages past for some reason nobody really cared about. Correction – nobody but astro-archeologists cared about.

Antares and Mordrake separated and cruised the system from the outside in, taking courses that set them at right angles to each other. Their sensors ran constant, deep probing sweeps, in their search for their adversary. Yalta 4 was a desolate, misshapen lump of ice that looked more like an ice cube than an actual planet. Yalta 3 was a landscape of craters within craters atop other craters and surrounded by the remains of older craters. The nearby dense clusters of astors the planet would pass through in its eccentric

s no animal life left on the planet, aside from some very smart and very tough bugs. It's also one of the reasons it was abandoned… the plants kept breaking through the concrete base walls, growing through it. The fuel reservoirs weren't safe."

"Herbicides?" Mykl suggested, shrugging. "Fire?"

"They tried both just before they skipped out of here." Adam chuckled, shaking his head. "Fire accelerates their growth. It just made it worse."

"I see." Said Mykl. "Nice place."

"What could Kilroy be doing here?" Ripley asked Mykl and Adam. "We've scanned the surface – he's obviously not recruiting any of the locals, so why's he here. Any ideas?"

"Not a clue." Said Adam. "Unless…"

"Unless what?" Mykl looked at Adam.

"Unless this is where he keeps his hoard."

"His hoard?" Mykl repeated. "You mean this is where he hid his treasure? You mean like actual pirate treasure?"

"Sure." Adam replied almost flippantly, "Every pirate has a hoard. Every big pirate, anyway."

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