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   Chapter 171 No.171

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5672

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"Advantage? How can we use this – slaughter… to our advantage?"

"Spread out like this, they form a trail you can follow." The former Corsair explained. "They provide a vector you can use to determine the course and heading the ship was on when they were dropped."

"Okay, I get it." Mykl said, catching on. "We can get a rough idea of the line they were traveling in when they dumped the bodies… The only thing we don't have is which direction they were going in – coming or going. So we would have to guess at either end…Thanks."

"That's what I'm here for." Blachart quipped, stepping back. "Apparently."

"Ripley?" Mykl called.

"I'm already on it… extrapolating headings now – okay, I have it."

"Any likely destinations on either end of this line?"

"Either Caries – and we know he isn't there – or a star designated Yalta 198 – it's nineteen point two hours away from here."

"You know it?" Mykl asked Adam.

"Yes, I do. It was called 'Bacon's Folly'. It's an old maintenance base, and refueling station. Last I heard, it was abandoned years ago."

"Sound like a useful place for him to start over?"

"It's not very big." Blachart said, sounding doubtful. "It's in ruins anyway, and I doubt it could be useful as a reboot of Meradinis – the vegetation was hard to get along with, made life very difficult. I wouldn't choose that planet for a base. But I suppose any port in a storm, right?"

"Lt. Linson, take us to Yalta. Nordyke, encode and send the Mordrake the following update – vector of line of corpses points to Yalta 198. Request you rendezvous at that destination, please confirm, Captain d'Angelo commanding."

"Sir?" Linson hesitated. "Should we bring them

', he thought, in a funny sort of way. She was from Morosia, a newer colony in the region of Andronicus. Fresh-faced and starkly beautiful, but like all Morosians, a tad serious and a little…er, morose. It had something to do with the planet itself – apparently, the entire chemistry of it was an environmental and biosphere metaphor for well, a commercial for anti-depressant medication. It was in the air, in the water, the plants, the animal life, everything, and it carried over into the Terran colonists as well, making a home for itself in their very base DNA. The colony was very rich in Gothic culture, and various uh…variations. In uniform, Marna Accelera looked like any other member of the crew, aside from her dark, black hair which was cut in a distinctive, short, edgy bob. Black and dark purples and reds featured so strongly in the Morosian wardrobe that, if seen off-world, anyone could be forgiven for thinking they were Corsairs – which had resulted in some awkward travel advisories, to be sure. Mykl was pretty certain that Corsairs didn't dress quite as snappily as he'd observed Marna when she was off-duty.

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