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   Chapter 170 No.170

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"Hello Mykl." Ripley greeted her Captain and lover warmly with an embrace, and then shot Blachart a glance that made him think of a warning shot across the bows. She was obviously not too happy about seeing him again. "I see you found him."

"Hi, love." Mykl replied, returning the warm hug. "Yeah, you know me – I always get my man." Ignoring Mykl's little dig, Ripley straightened up and forced a smile.

"Welcome back." She greeted him tersely.

Adam smiled a polite "Thanks" in reply, not putting terribly much effort into it. Mykl headed for the bridge while she led him to his assigned quarters, a small single officer's room. It wasn't too bad, considering his first accommodations on this ship a few months ago had been a cell in its brig. He thought it likely that if it were up to Ripley, he might have been moved back into the same cell – or perhaps even, tricked into walking out an open airlock without so much as a whoopsie-daisy. The room looked comfortable enough and quite homey, so Adam decided to make the best of it and to set about settling in. Satisfied that he was satisfied with his room, Ripley excused herself and shuffled off as soon as she could.

His first order of business was to unpack his stuff, which wasn't really much. Being on the move for so many months, he'd left all his remaining stuff – including the erstwhile Corsair raider 'Undertaker' in storage – he hadn't yet had time to collect much baggage. In fact, it had been quite the opposite – he now had even less than when he'd last seen the inside of this ship! W

bargain with them, use them as hostages?" Mykl asked, motioning him closer with a wave of his hand. Blachart moved closer, leaning on the back of the command chair. "You're my advisor – advise me."

"When has the Empire last negotiated with any hostage taker?" Blachart asked rhetorically. "As far as I'm concerned, there are two possibilities – no ransom was asked because Kilroy knew the Terrans wouldn't deal, or he didn't want the Terrans to know he had a ship and was rebuilding his strength – both these options would have given him away. In any case, live prisoners take effort to guard, feed and care for – and can be nasty little witnesses if they get the chance. Dead men tell no tales, and are a lot easier to handle."

"So he just killed them?"

"Pretty much." Blachart replied. "It looks like Kilroy wanted to disappear until it suited him to venture out into space again." He pointed at the screen with a casual gesture that belied his apparent insensitivity. "But he was careless. You can use this to your advantage."

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