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   Chapter 169 No.169

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Updated: 2018-06-30 19:02

She turned her head to look at him, and now he noticed her eyes looked red. She'd been crying.

"You killed those men." She said.

"It was them or me." He commented. "Would you prefer it was me?"

Clearly she wasn't going to be drawn into that one.

"Don't you think I know that?" She hissed. "It's not that you killed them – it's the way you did it, that's all. In ten seconds – less – they were dead, like you didn't even have to think about it!"

What was he supposed to say to that? Yes, he killed them, but he didn't mean it? He had killed them, hadn't he? And he had meant it. And he did think about it. They were cold heartless bastards and they deserved exactly what had come to them.

"They'd already made up their minds they were going to kill me." Adam said at last. "Maybe even you as well. What was there to think about?"

She looked tired – too tired to argue, and not too keen on talking.

"I'm sorry, baby." She smiled at him wearily. "I was just wondering what kind of man I was getting into."

"Just a man." He said candidly. "Just another guy."

"No." She said, rising. "Not just another guy. Ordinary guys treat me like a second class woman or curse me, call me 'faggot' and beat me up when they get loaded. Or they use me to try on being gay like it's some new kind of tool to figure out who they really are – or to buy them things before they have their fill and move on! But I guess a girl like me has to be glad for any kind of guy who wants her – even guys who would shit themselves if they saw a man like you coming!"

He made no comment. He knew life was tough for girls like her.

we?" Mykl prompted, and smiled at him as he rose from the seat beside him.

"Sure." Adam nodded and followed him out of the shuttle. Somebody waiting at the bottom of the ramp as he strolled out beside Mykl. He recognized Ripley Jones, the ships Exo. She seemed just as he remembered her, radiant and beautiful, long fawn hair tied back into a pony, and sending a thinly-veiled dirty look his way. She'd never quite taken to him, though, and Adam knew it. Unlike Mykl d'Angelo, she'd never even tried to make peace with him, probably on account of his legendary anti-social tendencies and possibly because she didn't approve of his wardrobe. She did once express her gratitude for keeping him alive, but that aside, the feeling of mutual resentment was fairly, well – mutual. To be frank, Adam had never really liked her in the first place, because he didn't enjoy the company of cis-sexual women, not even socially. Additionally, she knew of his sexuality and he suspected there was a slight tinge of jealousy involved from her part whenever her beau spent time he that was Adam.

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