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   Chapter 168 No.168

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"Come on, man." Mykl appealed. "He's going to start it all over again – how long before he starts raiding colonies? Innocent people are going to start dying again. Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

Of course it did. The words stung Adam. It meant more to him than the Space Fleet officer – who was his friend, and probably his only friend – could ever know. But he desperately wanted to put all that darkness behind him and move on.

"Did I mention I'm retired?" Adam retorted. "Yes, I'm pretty sure I did."

"Fair enough." Mykl said, and changed tack. "You know he's the one who put the price on your head, don't you?"

"And I thought those two nice men in the bar just wanted my autograph." Adam quipped. "Anyway, Karma has his number – let her sort him out."

Mykl changed tack again.

"I heard you found a girl here – I was quite surprised, to be honest." Mykl observed, noticing that this had a barely noticeable effect on Blachart. He didn't exactly stiffen or inhale sharply, but something changed. "Funny, I thought you were batting for the other team." He continued. "Interesting thing is, the Sheriff said she is on the other team anyway. Apparently."

"Leave her out of this." Adam said coldly. Getting her dragged into his affairs was what cautioned him about getting involved with other people in the first place. Anyway, it was nobody's business about Marsha.

"I will, you know that." Mykl said in a level tone. "But as your friend I have to warn yo

"She's in the back." The barman mumbled from behind the counter, making it clear he didn't want to get too close to him.

Adam went over to the door beyond the end of the counter and knocked. Not hearing any reply, he turned the handle and opened it anyway. It was the office, small but comfortable. Sunlight streamed in through a frilly lace curtain and fell onto a plush pastel pink colored carpet that drew a stark comparison with the crude plank floor outside the door. He saw her as he stepped inside – she was sitting in a plush looking arm chair on the other side of the desk, not doing anything at all, except just staring into space.

"I knew it was you." She said sadly, without looking at him. "You're the only one who ever knocks."

"You're supposed to say 'come in' when people knock." He smiled at her.

"I didn't want to see you." She returned quietly. "Not now, anyway."

"Didn't?" He asked from where he stood, just inside the doorway. "Or still don't?"

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