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   Chapter 167 No.167

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"Over-regulation is going to be the death of civilization." Adam remarked. "Anyway, that's why a name change is looking all the more appealing – and that's why you can keep whatever you have to say about the fellas in black clothing to yourself."

"A name change, huh? What name would that be?"

Adam pursed his lips thoughtfully. "Adam." He said aloud. "It has a nice ring to it. Plain, uncomplicated. Manly. Simple."

"Well it beats 'Joe Bloggs' hands down!" Mykl grinned, relaxing back into the simple yet comfortable plastic chair. "It's also a damn sight better than 'Blachart'. I know it's a surname as well, but I'm not even sure if it's your real surname?"

"Er – neither am I." Adam said evasively. There had been no record of the man's birth name or lineage in the Terran database – and the Corsairs had destroyed their central database during the invasion of Meradinis so the Terrans couldn't get their hands on it. Blachart's past – other than what he told, or what his DNA told – was his own secret. Only Adam knew his real, original name – and it sure as hades wasn't Blachart the Bloody. As far as Mykl was concerned, he could keep it too – it was his own business, just as long as he stayed retired as a Corsair.

"Adam Blachart." Mykl said, trying the name on for size. "It suits you, especially since you shaved your beard. Makes you look a lot younger."

"I'm not sure that's the last name I would choose." Adam replied, glancing round, taking in the ambience of the little corner café, the plank boardwalk and dirt road that ran throu

ave Mykl a half-interested sort of look.

"Oh, he's a nice guy." Adam remarked cynically. "You'll like him – he really is the stuff of the sort of nightmares you thought I was made of – are you actually trying to get yourself killed by the way, or is that just phase one of your clever and cunning little plan to get me to be your tour guide again?"

Was that really concern Mykl noted in Blachart's eyes? Did the man really care what happened to Captain Mykl d'Angelo, the man who captured him, ended his career as an infamous Corsair and coerced him into betraying his world?

"He's building a new Corsair fleet." Mykl continued, his story taking on a more serious and sinister tone. "We're sure he's set up a base already, somewhere, and has about four thousand Corsairs and about eighty ships. He made his first raid a few days ago, destroyed a small base not too far from here."

"Sounds like there's more than enough to go round." Adam shrugged dismissively. "With intel like that, you don't need my help, d'Angelo. Have fun."

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