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   Chapter 166 No.166

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4784

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The space around the café was big and open and airy, though still smelling of bad eggs and sulphur. The sky during the daytime on Caries was pale blue with a strong hint of sulphurish yellow to the sky. The green-painted boardwalk lined both sides of the dirt road that ran through this literal blight of a small town from end to end, passing this corner café, near what passed for the hub of it all – the spaceport. Ships currently landing on it shook the crisp morning air in the distance, sending up clouds of brown dust. Marsha liked to come here for breakfast, but not today it seemed. He hadn't seen or heard from Marsha since that day at the bar. Truth be told, he couldn't blame her. He was bad news, after all – even if she didn't realize it. Anyone would have to be crazy to get involved with him, he thought, knowing who and what he'd been… but neither could he help thinking about her.

Passersby did what the term suggested, creating an endless, subtle sense of motion in the landscape around him as the waitron returned to place a tray carrying a tea pot, cup and saucer, sugar bowl and milk jug on the table. Adam settled back to enjoy his tea. The cup he'd been served tea in was not real china, but about as close as refined densified plastic could get. At least the cup was white, not green, he smiled whimsically. He felt the rim of it scrape against the stubble of two days' worth of growth on his lower lip as he

turn over a new leaf?"

"I did, but it seems my past keeps catching up with me. People keep turning up, asking for some guy called Blachart and then things – well, they just get a little sheng fui after that."

"People who like wearing black, by any chance?" Mykl said, still smiling. "And anyway, it's feng shui".

"I see you know the type. And no, it isn't." Adam returned smoothly, sipping more tea.

"Coincidentally it's just those same people I came to see you about."

Adam put his cup down in his saucer and gave Mykl his full attention.

"It's a lovely day for coincidences." He quipped. "It's just those same people I hoped never to have anything to do with again. That's why I hang out in lovely places like this."

Mykl chuckled.

"If you want 'lovely', you should try Tremaine!" He grinned. "It's always 'lovely' on Tremaine. Though, you'd probably wind up shooting someone because they have rules for everything over there."

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