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   Chapter 165 No.165

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"And you?" Mykl asked Joe Lofflin. "Life out here can be lonely."

"Yes, I have someone too. A member of my crew – Ensign Dellon Bennett." He noticed Mykl's wavering expression indicating that this was an unexpected revelation. "Yes, I know, that's bound to still piss some people off, but oh well. That's life."

"I'm not one of those people." Mykl smiled at his colleague. "Everybody should have somebody – it should at least be somebody they're happy with."

"Amen to that." Joe nodded, "To employ an archaic term."

After a pleasant few more hours spent socializing, the Mordrake's commanders returned to their ship and life on the Antares returned to its usual routine. Both vessels continued on their journey to the little colony called Caries.

After bidding Joe Lofflin and his Exo farewell, Mykl and Ripley returned to the Captain's Flat. It was late already, ship's time, and Mykl first went to the adjoining office to go through his email – there were some intelligence reports drawn from the combined Mordrake and Antares sensor sweeps of the area of the destroyed Astor-base. There was nothing much there. In fact, the reports sent by Lirtman were far more enlightening. There were some incidental local crime reports on various local colonies and outposts in the area, a few navigational warnings, the latest edition of the Space Fleet newsletter, and a selection of possible places to check out from Admiral Lirtman. Something caught his eye. It was a name.

'Oh, wait-a-minute…' He thought. 'That looks interesting.'

* * *

The last three days had been relatively dull for 'Adam', the man formerly or generally recognized as "Blachart". The Sherriff's Office on Caries – yes, there was only the one – was small, practical and only had a staff of ten, only five of which were ever on duty at any

cal biosphere seemingly hadn't evolved proper trees, rather it was fleshy, sappy and fibrous stuff – brown, yellow, pale and alien-looking. Other than being absolutely useless for building, it really made the whole planet look like something from Wonderland. Giant mushrooms of all shapes and sizes and colors still covered a lot of the surface of Caries, but great swathes of land had been cleared to make way for the oxygen-producing forests imported to aid the terraforming process. Smaller molds and fungi grew beneath them, and in many cases on the trunks and bark of the trees now too. Cutting down the fast-growing trees in the terra-farms was illegal – they were needed to help the atmosphere processors transform the air and to keep it breathable. Adam loved wood – he preferred it to other things, synthetic things... Except steel. He liked steel, especially Paladian steel. There was nothing quite like the feel of a finely crafted sword made from it in his hand. Not what he had done with it, of course… just the feel of it. It felt comforting, but not for furniture. In furniture, metal was like plastic to him – it was kitsch, crude and cold. Wood felt comforting to him, warm, and somehow more real.

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