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   Chapter 163 No.163

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"I don't think that's going to be easy." He said, pointing at a map on one of the displays. "Virtually the entire Corsair fleet was destroyed trying to fight us off at Meradinis. We still don't know what the full strength of the Black Fleet was, or how many ships were away on looting trips when our forces attacked… If he's been looking around for Corsair survivors and stragglers, I think Kilroy's going to continue building up his forces and his new base… only making occasional raids to support his efforts. He's a clever man, Sona Kilroy – and if he took one of our ships, then he's a very dangerous man indeed! I think he knows the Indomitable's vulnerabilities – and ours – which means he knows he can't risk a head-on engagement. Not yet anyway."

Mykl caught Joe Lofflin's smile. Lofflin gestured at his exec with a casual thumb and grinned at him conspiratorially.

"Top of his class in strategic analysis, our Mr. Carlson!"

"So Kilroy doesn't stand much of a chance then!" Mykl jibed. A brief round of chuckling caused the young man to fall silent, flushed with embarrassment.

"Well, we have to find him first." Lofflin smiled back. "That's the problem."

"This is how I see it." Said Ripley, indicating the map. "From what I can tell, Kilroy took the Indomitable somewhere around here and – from the intel reports – has toured this area, picking up stragglers and other suspicious characters along the way, being sighted by commercial ships here, here, and by a passing deep space probe here at Alpha Epsilon."

Lofflin nodded.


" signal with one hand, after depositing a small cube of cake in his mouth, and chewing. "Messy." He said.

"Dead starship captains tend to have that effect." He smiled wryly. "Fortunately for us, or we'd all be on someone's hit-list."

"Hmm" The other grunted agreement, swallowing.

"I mean, I might have to keep an eye on my new Chief Entech!" Mykl jibed. "Never know if he might take a crack at me one day."

"Ha ha." Lofflin laughed drily.

"Go on." Mykl urged. "Tell me all about it. What happened?"

"We took serious damage while engaging a Corsair raider in deep space." Lofflin explained. "And in the ensuing chaos of discovering that we were marooned in the void, without any apparent hope of rescue, the Commander Billingham decided Captain Blaine was due for an overhaul and a plasma change. He put a knife in his back."


"Yes." Lofflin nodded agreement. "Ouch."

A pensive moment passed, ended by Joe Lofflin's wry little laugh. "Tell me something – you ever been marooned in deep space, Captain?"

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