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   Chapter 162 No.162

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In order to pull this sort of attack off, Mykl knew, it had to have been a multi-ship attack, and that would explain everything else in the report from Lirtman – rapid lightning-style tactics, and the total devastation they were looking at. There had been fifty personnel posted here, Mykl knew, with some being rotated every 6 months for as long as the base needed to be active. Given the recent events in this part of space – at least until three months before, there had definitely been a need. Things had been winding down since the Battle of Turtle Island and the alleged final victory of the Corsairs… Ripley was busy running another sensor sweep of the asteroid. Looking across at her console display panel, Mykl saw that the Mordrake was busy doing the same, not far off to their starboard quarter.

"It's completely depressurized, Captain." She reported. "No life signs, minimal power output. Gravity net, data-core, everything seems offline."

Faint readings began to show up all over the area, scattered like little blue grains of dust on her display. They knew what they meant.

"Allenby markers." Ripley said grimly referring to the digital tracer units implanted into all Fleet personnel so that they could be identified by ship and personnel sensors, making them easier to locate them if they became trapped or lost – or to find and retrieve their bodies if they died. The acronym L.N.B. which stood for "Leave No-one Behind" had gradually come to be "Allenby", like the guy who invented them or came up with the idea wasn't a female research scientist at the Space Fleet Scie

more cunning they have to be."

"My point, " Ripley countered, "Was that although Indomitable was stronger than the Corsair flagship – which from all the scans taken at the Battle of Turtle Island, was only a little stronger than the average Corsair raider – that ship wouldn't hold against two cruisers in a stand up fight."

A thin smile played across Mykl's lips.

"That's not much reason for Kilroy to engage in a stand up fight then, is it?" He interjected. A round of nodding in general agreement followed.

"Yes, that's true. Lofflin added, and chuckled. "But it would be easier if we could somehow draw him out from his hiding place and get him into one."

Lofflin's Exec was a spindly, tall, younger man with white-blond hair. Commander Josh Carlson was recently promoted too, just like his Captain, and wore Commander's bars on his shoulder as a sign of his rank. This only served to remind Mykl too, that he'd also only recently been promoted to Captain to fill Falcone's vacant shoes… or was that seat? At more or less the same time, too.

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