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   Chapter 160 No.160

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Admiral Lirtman sent him a grim little smile. "Not yet, Mykl. But we have to act quickly to prevent that from happening. Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Sona Kilroy? He was also called 'the Hammer'?"

Mykl thought. He could hear something going 'ting-a-ling' faintly in the background of his memory.

"Wasn't he in charge of the Corsair fleet? An admiral or something?"

Lirtman ignored the crack about the 'admiral or something', and thoughtfully made a pyramid with his fingers as he leaned forward over his desk.

"Three months ago, when we took Meradinis and defeated the Black Fleet, quite a few Corsairs tried to escape the planet. Many of them were cut off and caught by our blockade, but a few got away. None of them have been heard of since – except for Sona Kilroy. His flagship broke through the blockade, and he was one of the big fish that got away."

"Yes, sir – I remember that. Didn't one of our ships go after him?"

"Yes, one of our ships did go after him." Lirtman nodded. "The Indomitable… but we never heard from either ship again – and for some time now, we just assumed the Indomitable was lost while pursuing him, and that both ships had been destroyed."

"…but?" Mykl prompted intuitively.

"But, " Lirtman continued, "It seems Kilroy managed to capture the Indomitable for himself!"

"He what?" Mykl questioned, doing a double take. "Sir, that's no easy task!"

"No shit." Said Lirtman forthrightly in an uncharacteristic lapse of protocol, but one which seemed appropriate for the moment. He continued, unfazed after flashing a funny little smile and shaking his he

sted, Admiral."

That pretty much settled that. Admiral Lirtman wished him luck, and Mykl thanked him – he was sure he was going to need it. Then he went back to the bridge to lay in a course for the rendezvous, and called a meeting of the senior staff in the conference room to brief them on the details of their assignment. Even after that, the rendezvous with the Mordrake was still several hours away. So much for routine, he thought, but as he and Ripley both knew, even the lack of actual routine could be a routine in itself.

The briefing of his senior staff went as well as could be expected – though he detected some general disappointment that the Corsair threat hadn't quite been ended yet as promised. All the ships' systems were in good order according to Lt. Commander Risner – Nore's replacement as Chief Entech. A battle-stations drill was scheduled – and conducted. Over all, Mykl was impressed with the outcome. He didn't run a taught ship, he just wanted the crew to be as smoothly versed in their work as possible – after all, their lives depended on it.

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