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   Chapter 157 No.157

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5877

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Ripley noticed his stare and smiled at him from her station – which was on his left. Her lovely long brown locks were tied back in a tail that bounced endearingly with her every movement. Although by now there was not a crewman aboard the Antarse who didn't know about the state of things between them, it was still considered inappropriate to display their feelings in front of the crew. Dating and marriage weren't forbidden between crew members or senior ships' officers – after all, spacers spent most of their working lives on their ships, far from alternatives – but Ripley and Mykl hadn't quite reached that stage yet… As Captain and Exo, he and Ripley had to maintain a professional image to the crew – at least whenever it mattered, which was only all the time, rules and regulations and all that – just in case a kink developed in the chain of command. After all, they wanted to avoid anyone back at Fleet Command HQ getting their knickers in a knot because the Captain and his Exo were sharing the Captain's flat and were occasionally seen to hold hands.

"You busy?" He asked, leaning back in the command seat.

"Not really." She smiled.

"It's my birthday today." He smiled suggestively. "Apparently."

"Really? I had no idea."

"Yup, there was a big party on the rec-dec and everything." He quipped, grinning.

"Hmm. I still have to give you your birthday present."

"Really? Now where did you find time to get me a present?"

"Who says I got you anything?" She replied coyly.

"You are just too bad!" He laughed out loud.

* * *

Space was an interesting place. It could be dangerous and violent, overflowing with the destructive forces that extinguish stars and form new worlds, or it could be placid and serene, filled to th

be expected to make a fresh, clean start when the name of his old life still followed him wherever he went?

Most recently it had been... a name that threatened to fade from his memory – how he wished it would – a name that weighed heavily on his conscience… It was the name of a feared Corsair ship captain… only now, once feared – and it was a name he'd earned well. He was a man after all, who'd stood out among other Corsair captains – a commander so good at his job he even had legends all his own... Like the one about the mystical sword he was supposed to have claimed from the hands of Death himself, or the one that told how he would prey on naughty colonial children who picked their noses or didn't eat their spinach, or vice-versa – but these were just some of the unrealistic fear-ridden myths that sprang up around men like 'Strings' Levine, Red Dorn Schultz and Sona Kilroy… and Blachart. They were scary tales to terrify children with… The one about the bells was true though, and the sword… – well, he didn't really want to go there, but all that aside, this was a man who stood out among his Corsair peers, and stood out for very good, valid reasons.

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